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By: Jennifer Devitt on November 23rd, 2014

I challenge you to take 10 minutes to count your blessings this Thanksgiving!

It's Thanksgiving week. So, as usual, we do lighter, more personal holiday blogs around here. Last year, I followed my friend Gini Dietrich's lead and did the blog "Happy Thanksgiving! Let me share the 88 Things I Love!"

As I was pondering what to do this year, I decided to email Gini and challenge her to make this an annual event! She was game, as I knew she would be and you can check out her installment here. As she was working on hers, she emailed me to say she was doing the things she was thankful for versus things she loves, as it was a list of more than just words. She commented that it was a tougher post to write, and I agree. Last year I came up with 88 and this year, yeah not so much!  Life zooms by so fast, I think it's important to take the time, even it is only the 10 minutes in this challenge to appreciate all we have in life.  So, without further adieu, I bring you my list of the things I am thankful for!

1. I am thankful I was lucky enough to be chosen to be Mrs. Devitt. I have said for a long time that I found my Carl (from UP) in Dave and I am thankful every day for him!
2. I am very thankful and grateful that I have 3 healthy, happy children.
3. I am thankful for my stretch marks. Yes, you heard me. It means that I created not 1 life but 3.
4. I am thankful for a cuddly Westie named Zamboni who loves us so much he will gladly hand over his favorite toy to us when we return from even a trip to the garage.
5. I am thankful for being able to see the sun rise and set over the ocean.
6. I am thankful for being able to see the wonder in my children's eyes as they turn down Main Street in Walt Disney World and see Cinderella's, Castle.
7. I am thankful for glorious new kitchen counters and a chic new backsplash.
8. I am thankful for a successful business that I run hand in hand with my husband.
9. I am thankful that so far we have raised our children to respect others and that they want to help those in need.
10. I am thankful that we made it to November 24th without a measurable snow.
11. I am thankful for my health and happiness.
12. I am thankful that 2 years ago I decided to make a change and be healthier for myself and my family.
13. I am thankful that I am healthy enough to push my cardio limits and lift heavy weights.
14. I am thankful for our clients, past, present and future.
15. I am thankful for having hard-working, dedicated staff.
16. I am thankful for having a home that I love.
17. I am thankful that I have two more days of sanity until my oldest goes for her driver's license.
18. I am thankful for the larger screen on my iPhone 6 Plus (my eyes are not getting any younger).
19. I am thankful for warm Sorell boots in the winter.
20. I am thankful for heated seats and remote start in my car during frigid Chicago winters.
21. I am thankful that my children still have their Grandparents to share their life.
22. I am thankful for the laughter and sarcasm that fills our house.
23. I am thankful for my love of reading and a good book that I can get lost in.
24. I am thankful for guilty pleasures like sports and TV shows that allow some me time.
25. I am thankful for fresh manicures and pedicures.
26. I am thankful for family traditions that I have passed down to my children.
27. I am thankful for full houses at the holidays to share your blessings with.
28. I am thankful for flip flops that remind me of warmer, sunny days and the beach.
29. I am thankful that I cleaned out the suburban supply of Bath and Body Works Flannel candles!
30. I am thankful for a good martini and our bartender at our favorite local restaurant.
31. I am thankful for all of you reading this and the readers of our blog.
32. I am thankful for music and it's ability to let me tune anything out when needed.
33. I am thankful for old movies and reruns of favorite shows that always make me laugh, smile or even cry.
34. I am thankful my 10 minutes are up, this was harder this year!

So, this year my list was only 34 things. I don't think that means I am thankful for less, it just means I put more thought into it and didn't just list words as Gini said. So if you participated last year, I challenge you to do so again. If you didn't participate last year, there is no time like the present.  So, set the time for 10 minutes and just get to it. If you take the challenge, please let us know, I would love to read each and every one!  We will have the IT Thing on Wednesday this week and no Friday edition. I hope you all take the time to count your blessings and appreciate all you have to be thankful for. I am thankful for all of you and wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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