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By: Jennifer Devitt on July 26th, 2015

What to expect when you work with a custom software development firm.

Last week on the blog, we did an in-depth look at a few of our most common FAQ. Today, in an effort to further discuss our process, I will discuss a few more.

Today, let's discuss the question of "Do we work with outside designers?". The answer to this question has always been "YES!". In fact, we typically partner with designers, design firms as well as marketing and advertising firms. But, we don't just stop there. We also partner with firms in varying industries to complete their programming needs.

SYDCON Partnership Program

SYDCON was founded on our ability to play well with others in a community sandbox. Our developers have the capability to play by your companies rules while not compromising our standards or programming requirements. In our experience, we find that by developing a close relationship with the designer or agency where we have good communication and trust we can deliver the best solutions. We find that when we are brought in during the earliest stages possible we get a better understanding of the development goals and it makes execution easier.


Another question we field often is "Do you work on complex projects?".  Again, the answer to this has always been "YES!".  While we have the capability to offer full-service website site design and development, that is not our niche. Sometimes we will field comments from potential customers about specific "design aspects" of projects in our portfolio. Often times we did not do the design, or if we did it was to exact customer specifications. Our forte is complex, custom web and software development. Typically speaking our customers and partner firms come to us for coding expertise and really don't want our design input at all.  It is not unusual for SYDCON to assist other development firms on complex projects.  We pride ourselves on our proven track record of always finding a solution to customer inquiries, even on things we have never tackled. In our over 10 year history, we have only had to turn away one request that still haunts us to this day. And, we had to turn it away due to lack of a third parties documentation.

Our services far exceed "website development". In fact several years ago we dropped "Web Development" from our name entirely and went to just "SYDCON, Inc.". After some polling, it was determined we were being thought of as a "design firm" or just a website firm. Our skill set takes us far past that. Our staff of talented developers works in custom software development, database development, API's, mobile, e-commerce, system integration and more. Our services go far beyond the website a firm already has. We add functionality and/or create systems to enhance a business.

It is our hope that by further answering some of our FAQ's with a more in-depth look,  potential clients will have a better understanding of how we work, what to expect and what our capabilities are. If you have project needs, feel free to contact us today.    



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