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By: Jennifer Devitt on September 8th, 2015

5 apps that can assist with personal safety while you're on the go.

Safety. It is a top priority for everyone. Whether you are concerned with your own personal safety or the safety of a friend or family member. I often hear from my Mother-in-law that it's a scarier time to be a parent than when her kids were young. While in lot's of ways this is true, there are also more ways to keep tabs on kids or family members today than ever before.

Almost daily there are news reports about shootings, abductions and/or missing persons as well as some type of physical assault. Today, you never know if you can rely on the help of a bystander because people are afraid of the consequences of what could happen to them. With reports of shootings on highways due to road rage and runners attacked on trails, it is no surprise that personal safety devices and apps are on the rise. Today, let's take a look at a few apps that can assist with safety.

1. Find my Friends. We have talked about this one before. Apple's Find my Friends app can allow you to monitor the whereabouts of family or friends who accept your request. It is required on our children's devices. And, lately, they have taken to using it on us if they are waiting for us to pick them up from an activity so they know how far away we are.

2. Watch Over Me.  This app is available on iOS and Android. You can select how long you would like to be monitored, add a friend to keep an extra on you, upload pictures or notes as well. With the shake of your hand, it can make emergency phone calls if you find yourself in danger. You can document whom you are with or meeting as well as a specific duration. If you exceed that duration without checking in the app will contact your designated contact with information about your location.

3. Bugle.  Bugle is an app for active individuals. An iOS app that alerts your family or contact of choice if you do not arrive at your destination as expected. The makers of Bugle aim it towards hikers, runners, and active individuals.

4. Safe Trek. If you are walking to or from a destination and want an extra safety net if you are alone using Safe Trek. The app works by holding your thumb to the designated spot on the screen when you arrive at your destination remove your thumb and enter your 4 digit pin. If an emergency occurs and you do not enter your pin, police are notified with your location.  Safe Trek is available on iOS and Android for $3 dollars a month.

5. Health app. On your iPhone, utilize the Health app for its "Medical ID" feature, By taking a minute to set this up, you have an emergency contact that can be accessed by emergency personal even if your phone is locked. Follow these simple steps here.

Whether you are a runner, biker or concerned parent or friend, there are several apps out there to help offer peace of mind. Some may think of it as a privacy concern or potential for stalking. But with these apps, you choose who gets to monitor you or be your emergency contact. What apps do you use for safety? Do you use them for something specific like when you are running or do you use them to monitor your kids when they are out? I am always looking for new apps to review or try out so if you have something let me know what it is and why I should check it out. Or, perhaps you have a safety app idea you would like to see in the App Store, contact us today to bring your idea to life.



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