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By: Jennifer Devitt on September 9th, 2014

5 highlights of Apple's newest products announced at yesterdays event.

So, I think some major event occurred yesterday.  Something about new tech that was released? Maybe you've heard about a company called Apple that builds hype prior to a scheduled live event. At this so called event, they announce their latest, bright and shiny new toys to the tech geek masses.  Oh come on, who am I kidding if this is news to you, you must live a bubble, right?

Well, as usual, this year's event had the rumor mill swirling with the promise of a multitude of new devices.  Most were spot on.  Those who predicted the new iPad would also be announced yesterday were off.  Speaking of being "off", another thing that was off was the broadcast of the live event. I know Dave was majorly frustrated that one of his favorite events of the year wasn't functioning correctly.  He is one of those tech geeks who oohs and aahs over these new devices.  He is like a kid making his wish-list for Santa on this day. He also likes to gloat on this day every two years. Because he has an earlier upgrade date than I do, he can get it at launch. I have to wait a few months. Yeah, he can be rotten sometimes!

So, let's just do a brief rundown of what Apple has in store for us, shall we?

1. Not one but two new iPhones. Apple announced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus yesterday. The new models are 4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively. The new models have touch ID, better cameras, Apple Pay, better battery life and more storage.  They are also thinner than their predecessors.  I have no interest in the "phablet", otherwise known as the iPhone 6 Plus. Call me silly, but I like when I can fit my phone in a pocket, or in the designated sleeve in my purse, or the cute little nook in my car!  Phones will be available for pre-order on Friday, September 12th with shipping on Friday, September 19th.

2. Apple Pay.  With the announcement of the much anticipate Apple Pay system, George Costanza can finally ditch his massive wallet! Apple has teamed with Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and a plethora of stores (with more coming soon). Apple is currently touting 220,000 stores will accept their new NFC (Near Field Technology) payment system when it launches in October. With Apple Pay, Apple is aiming to make purchases more secure.

3. Apple Watch.  Launching in 2015, Apple has announced several versions of their newest piece of tech, wearable tech that is. According to reports, you will have 34 combinations of models and wristbands.  There will be sporty styles, fashion/executive styles and more. Apple Watch will work in conjunction with Apple Pay,  be a health and fitness companion and more.

4. iPhone Health App. Health and fitness junkies, this is for you. Health will help you track your steps, monitor food intake, organize your health data and more.

5. iOS 8.  Apple's newest operating system is scheduled to launch on September 17th. Key features of the new operation system are better photo editing, voice text messages, better keyboard, health apps, Apple Pay, family share, connecting of all Apple devices and more. As Apple developers we have had the beta's and can say, outside of typical beta bugginess, it's pretty cool!

So, there you have some of the highlights of yesterday's event, in case you missed it, you know head in the sand or something. What item or new feature are you most excited about?  Will you be one of the masses staying up late on Friday to pre-order your new phone?  Which model is on your wish-list the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus?  I, for one, will be sleeping not waiting up with Dave for his anticipated pre-order.  When I can upgrade I will go as mentioned with the iPhone 6 though. In the meantime, I can start searching for a new case, come on, don't be surprised girls love accessories!



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