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By: Jennifer Devitt on December 28th, 2014

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5 key things for your website as we ring in 2015.


Christmas has come and gone and we will be ringing in the new year in a few short days. As you wind down another year, it's inevitable you are looking ahead to the new year. If you are a business owner you probably have goals for next year. What levels will you bring your business to in 2015? We all have budgets and agendas, every business has their goals. One thing for certain is to get your web presence in gear.

As the year winds down, take some time to think about how technology, digital, mobile and the web can help your business reach new heights. To help you take a step in the right direction as the new year begins, I offer you a list of 5 key things you should have on your list for your website in 2015.

1. Update the copy. In case you missed the memo, Google loves fresh content. Take some time to go through your pages and see how you can freshen them up. Make sure your services list is direct and to the point. Update your news section if you have one.

2. Check all external links. While you are going through your website content, make sure you check all the links you have on your site. Take the time to fix any errors.

3. Mobile. Really, folks, we are entering 2015. Mobile isn't the fad many expected it would be. It's not going anywhere. As I mentioned here on the blog in early December, after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is estimated that mobile accounted for 52.1 percent of traffic. Don't miss out on this traffic, which will surely only increase for 2015. Take the steps early in the year to get your mobile house in order.

4. E-commerce. Just like with mobile, if you are brick and mortar retailer who has resisted e-commerce, it's time to embrace it. In the same blog mentioned above, we also talked about how online sales saw double-digit increases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, while store-to-store sales were down 7 percent. Stop viewing e-commerce as your competitor and make it a tool in your business toolbox.

5. Utilize Google Analytics. This will give you great insights into what your users are viewing. You will be able to see what pages they've viewed and where they have exited your website. This will give a good look into which areas need attention and which can be promoted.

So there you have 5 target areas that you should spend some time on as we ring in 2015. If your web presence is out of date or you are looking to add key elements, talk to a qualified developer today.