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By: Jennifer Devitt on June 1st, 2014

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5 Things to watch for at Apple's Developer Conference this week.


Today is the kickoff day for the Apple Developer Conference. It is a day that many tech geeks pay big bucks to attend while others eagerly await the live streaming. Apple uses this week to brag about what they have been working on the past year and announce new and upcoming hardware or software that will be available in the near future. There is always plenty of speculation on what Apple has in store for its loyalists.

Now, if you were unwilling to purchase, or not lucky enough to nab a ticket to this week's event in San Francisco, Apple has created a dedicated Apple TV channel to watch the live streaming. Cult of Mac shares the info here. I know for a fact that Dave will have to settle yet again for live streaming. It is his dream to one day attend the conference. Dave and our son always discuss what they think is coming, and they both are excited for the new iOS software and the fact that developers get an early crack at it. Yes, our son is a tech nut just like his father!

So, with rumors always rampant prior to the conference, what kind of things do you think Apple may announce? To me, there are several things that seem to sound given, others may be in the works but not ready for this year. Below are some of the rumors swirling.

1. iOS/OX operating system upgrades. Many feel that it is time for the OX to bridge the gap with its mobile sibling, iOS.

2. iWatch or Healthbook. We discussed on the blog a few months ago, the rumors that Apple had hired a renowned audio engineer so that the rumored iWatch could monitor your blood. The rumors are strongest, however for the anticipated "Healthbook". While it is not anticipated that any hardware will be introduced, the platform for Healthbook is expected to be the starting point for wearable healthcare. Healthbook is rumored to allow users to be able to track things like health, nutrition, physical fitness and more.

3. Internet Home Connected Appliances. With the debut of apps that monitor your home heating/cooling, home alarm systems, garage doors, etc. It is no wonder Apple is looking for a way to make all these apps easier to operate via iOS. Eventually, I would assume you could monitor your entire house and every device in it via the web when you are away.

4. Apple TV. There is also the possibility of a revamped Apple TV, although the likelihood of an actual Apple HDTV is looking unlikely in the near future. We discussed on the blog in our December holiday gift guide our usage and thumbs up for Apple TV.

5. New iPhone or iPad. While there is always the possibility of the announcement of a new device, the newest version of the iPhone isn't expected to be released until September 2014. Rumors also suggest the release of the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 sometime in October of 2014. The much-rumored changes are a larger screen on the iPhone 6 and Touch ID on all Apple devices. Whether any of these will be announced today is anyone's guess, but the tech geeks in the know seem to think it unlikely.

So, there you have a list of the hottest rumors for this week's Apple Developers Convention. Are you one of the lucky ones who is attending? If so, we would love to hear all about it! What do you think Apple will announce this week in terms of software and/or hardware. What would you love to see one day added to any Apple device in the future? It's always fun to speculate on future technology. Are you an Apple Developer awaiting the release of iOS8, just like Dave? Will you be watching the live streaming today, and live tweeting? If so, enjoy!