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By: Jennifer Devitt on May 19th, 2015

5 ways custom software development fuels global business in 2015.

It's no big surprise that in 2015 most software developed is focused on the web. Most business today is conducted in some part via the internet. Whether the business is e-commerce or digital publishing via newspapers and magazines.

Today, programming and development go far beyond "website development". Web development no longer means just creating a website. Today, web development can translate into the following: software development, web application development or web-based software development. One thing all of these name tags or categories have in common is that they are all web-based or function in your web browser. They do not require CD's or downloading information. Web-based software is accessed by signing into an online portal via your web browser. Say goodbye to saving information and/or work to your hard drive or USB. Today information is saved via the web application on a server in a data center.

What are some reasons a company would pursue developing web based software or applications? Let's talk about some common examples of software development utilized in today's business world.

1. Inventory Management. With a custom developed inventory management system, a business owner can easily track their inventory, set functions to automatically re-order an item if the stock gets too low. They can provide real-time product availability to customers as well. Custom reporting can be developed to show products you have on hand, what products are running low or what is in high demand.

2. Custom reporting. Custom reports can be developed based on each companies individual needs. Reports can be generated based on sales, inventory, profits, leads, historical data or forecasting. Custom reports can be developed to communicate with various internal systems to give an analysis of anything in real time.

3. Custom database development. Custom databases fuel the backend of your website or software. Whether you need any type of database integration to/from your website-E-commerce, inventory management, registrations, online forms, product display. A comprehensive database that contains all the desired information regarding your business, is the answer you are looking for.

4. API Integration. Whether you are looking to integrate 3rd party functionality or utilize outside data, API Integration can be beneficial. API integration is used in e-commerce transactions to approve or deny transactions through banks and processors. API's can be used to set up package tracking via UPS or Fedex. API's can be used to show real-time social media posts on your company website or you could use an API to use Google Maps to allow customers to find your business based on location or product search.

5. Application programming. Web-based application programming can encompass a wide range of activity and functionality. Web-based applications can be used for applicant tracking for HR departments, workflow process, digital product catalogs, e-commerce and more.

No matter your industry or business needs, chances are that custom software or web-based applications can assist with streamlining your business. Gone are the days of thinking, "I have a website, I don't need anything else". Web sites have grown far past the days of static, brochure type websites. Web sites and portals have transformed the way we conduct business around the world. By working closely with qualified developers, companies can create software for almost any function they desire. Over time, the creation of this custom software will save companies hundreds or thousands of dollars and benefit the environment. On Earth Day, we discussed how Yale University has made great strides in the arena by embracing digital technology and switching to the usage of digital time sheets, digital course packets on iPads as well as making annual reports only available online. How can custom software streamline your business and save you money? Talk to a qualified developer today, the answers may surprise you.  



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