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By: Jennifer Devitt on March 24th, 2015

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5 ways technology has infiltrated the fashion world.


Here on the SYDCON blog, we discuss technology, A LOT! That shouldn't come as a surprise being that we are a technology company. In the past, we have discussed new technology advancements, apps, education, trends and more. We often discuss around here how technology is changing everything we do daily and the impact it will have on the future.

Today's edition of the blog will be the start of a new installment on the blog. We will be focusing on how technology has changed a specific industry. In select future installments, we will cover varying industries and delve into how the industry has been affected by technology. Today, we will start with the fashion industry. You may wonder why we are starting with fashion. Well, there is lots of talk about wearable tech thanks to Apple. Also, I love fashion and lately I am seeing more and more articles on how the fashion industry is embracing technology. Did any of you have a Fashion Plates kit (see pic) when you were a kid? I did, and I loved it. Boy, has fashion changed, now Crayola has My Virtual Fashion Show.

In the past, we have mentioned how technology is hitting every industry. When we discuss education and the importance of technology for today's student. We discuss that you don't have to be a programmer to have technology weigh heavily in your career. We have shared numerous times the original video showcasing individuals in varying industries discuss how they use technology in everyday jobs.

In the fashion industry, many might think that wearable technology is leading the way in advancement. But, there are so many other avenues being explored and technology is being implemented in new ways. Below we will discuss 5 ways technology has infiltrated the industry.

1. 3D printing. 3D printing is making a splash on runways during fashion week. In 2013 Iris van Herpen debuted 3D printed items on the runway in Paris. And take a look at this dress from Nervous System that flows like real fabric. 3D printing and design software will revolutionize the way custom tailored clothing is produced.  This technology will open doors to customize items to each individual's personal style preference and sizing.

2. Smart shoes. Any fashionista will tell you that you can never have too many pairs of shoes. Some have the same shoe in varying colors. How awesome would it be to have your favorite pair of shoes totally customizable via an app? Enter the Volvoril Timeless smart shoes. The shoes are the creation of startup iShuu Tech. These Bluetooth-enabled stilettos allow you to change the color and look of the shoe via the companion app.

3. Vigour. What looks like a typical cardigan is actually a cardigan that assists geriatric patients.  The garment has a corresponding iPad app that communicates data collected directly to therapists and doctors.

4. Apps. As Apple likes to say "There is an app for that". And, as you can imagine there are countless apps available for the fashion industry. There are virtual closet apps like Style Book that promises to bring your closet to life. The app boasts 90 features to allow you to have the wardrobe of your dreams at your fingertips. You can upload pics of pieces you own and gain assistance creating new looks. You can create packing lists and more.  And then there is the app Like to Know It. This works hand in hand with Instagram. See an item you are dying to find and add to your wardrobe? Use this little gem to assist you in finding the piece. Take a look at this article on Harper's Bazar for 9 other must have fashion apps.

5. Wearable technology. Sure, we have discussed wearable tech here before, with the Apple Watch launch and Disney's Magic Band. But, for the style focused fashionista, this solar powered activity tracker by Misfit adorned with Swarovski crystals is wearable bling at it's finest.

So, there you have some ways that technology has impacted fashion. In the digital age, shoppers and fashionista's are seeing new trends daily. With the shopping world at their fingertips, shoppers would love to find the latest fad or trend and add it to their closet. Once they find the item they want to see varying colors and fabrics as well as sizes. Technology in your career doesn't mean you have to be a programmer. Technology is making great advances and changing everything. It is high time we stopped thinking that careers in technology are just for geeks and nerds who like to program. Careers in technology are everywhere. Technology touches every industry. Check back here down the road as we discuss other industries and take a peek at how they have evolved via technology.  You may be a creative high-end fashion designer, but if you join forces with a developer or utilize software in your designs you can create the next trend in fashion.