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By: Jennifer Devitt on October 19th, 2014

6 examples of how technology is used in everyday jobs.

Technology. It is not just for tech geeks, programmers or office executives. In 2014 and beyond technology has a growing presence in a variety of industries. Today, you don't learn programming or technology just to be a developer. You learn technology to survive in a tech-focused world.

Recently, we had some work done in our home. We had new counters installed. My in-laws had this done within the last two years. They explained how the installers measured using large sheets of paper/cardboard to draw out their existing counter tops with measurements. Imagine my surprise and delight to see our installers use a digital laser measuring device that communicated with an iPad! Our installer took digital measurements. These measurements were done quicker, more accurately and with no waste of paper. touches on the topic of technology in all industries in their push for everyone to learn some basic level of coding. In one of their early videos, from 2013 they discuss how technology is in agriculture, baseball, race car driving and more.  I think is right to use celebrities and athletes to reach kids. It is important to show today's youth that no matter what field you want to enter, computers and technology will be part of your job.  Below are some examples of apps and technology in different industries.

1. Sports/Coaching.  Watch any major league sport and you will see coaches and/or managers utilizing tablets or iPads. They are calling plays and using the device for replays.

2. Travel. Disney is utilizing RFID technology by way of a Magic Band and a corresponding My Disney Experience App to streamline guests experience. I have talked about our first had use of this technology on the blog in the past. Disney is equipping it's Cast Members with iPads throughout the park to assist guests with their user experience.

3. Utility work. We have a client in the natural gas industry that utilizes GPS technology and bar code scanning to assist utility workers in the field.

4. Healthcare education. Another client of ours uses Bluetooth technology to teach students in the health care field. The "MT S-Scope" app allows for instruction and education on health conditions diagnosed via stethoscope.

5. Fashion. Yes, even in the chic world of fashion design, things have gone digital. There are many apps available for designers to create the latest fashion.

6. Landscape design. Just like the world of fashion landscapers are making their jobs easier by utilizing landscape design apps to assist with design concepts.

You see, the items above are just a scratch on the surface to show how industries are embracing technology. No matter what your goal in life, or what job or trade you end up in, technology will be present. I just loved Apple's "Your Verse" ad. It touches on the many varying industries that utilize iPads and technology. This ad gives us a just a glimpse of the possibilities by showing coaches, DJ's, helicopter rescue crews, photographers, etc. It is time we all embrace technology and talk to our children about the importance of learning the basics. Programming is not just for tech geeks in a garage. Programming and technology can design gowns, create plays and more. The world is at your finger tips. Use technology to find "your verse".



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