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By: Jennifer Devitt on October 12th, 2014

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6 reasons why working with a software development firm may be beneficial to your business.


Technology in 2014 can be daunting for businesses. There are many things to keep up to date. Better, more streamlined ways to accomplish day to day tasks. New cutting edge developments that come about daily for businesses in varying industries. How is a company supposed to keep up, especially a smaller business? The answer may be in working with a development group.

With today's ever-changing needs, sometimes a company just cannot justify, let alone afford, to hire a full in-house IT staff. Some of a firm's needs may only be from time to time, while some may warrant more than one individual to cover their needs. For some companies, the expense of multiple salaries, etc can be a burden to big to cover all their needs. So, the answer is in partnering with a firm to help you. Below are 6 key reasons working with a software development firm may be beneficial for you or your business.

1. More available staff. When you hire a development team or group you will have access to more than one software engineer. Having access to that can allow for faster turnaround on projects.  Having access to the staff doesn't mean you are paying full-time salaries and benefits like you would for in-house staff. When you work with a firm, many times you pay for access as you utilize it.

2. Access to various services and languages. When you work with a team of developers you have access to a plethora of programming languages and development services. When you have access to a talented team with varying abilities you have more options at your fingertips.

3. Project Manager.  When you work hand in hand with a group or team, you will typically have access to a Project Manager to keep your projects on track. Here at SYDCON, not only do you get a Project Manager, but ours is also our President, so you can rest assured that we are always hands on and active in all of our client's projects.

4. Better trouble shooting. When you work with a team versus hiring one individual, you get the capability of better trouble shooting. Developers can bounce ideas off each other, collaborate on the best solution to your needs and test each other work. Hearing something can't be done is rarer when you have a team collaborating on the best solution to a problem. Two heads are better than one in many cases.

5. Reliability. When you choose to work with a development firm versus say a freelancer you are getting a company behind the developer.  A development company like SYDCON will typically have the same office hours as you.  They are available during regular business hours, not while you are sleeping or gone for the day. Because we maintain regular hours we can be available for meetings.

6. Latest technology. When you work with a team of developers chances are you will have access to the latest tech trends. A group of developers will generally have tech geeks on staff, and programming and technology are not just their job but their hobby. Development and tech firms don't just keep up on the latest thing because it's good for business, they do it cause they are genuinely interested and think its a cool challenge.

These are just some highlights you can expect from working with a software development firm. As technology is changing the way your firm does business, next time you have the technology, programming or development needs consider working with a development firm. You may be surprised to find out they can offer you a huge bonus. Not only can they make your e-commerce work, they can connect your internal systems, create custom software, take you mobile and more.