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By: Jennifer Devitt on May 12th, 2015

7 tech gadgets to make your summer safe, relaxing and enjoyable.

It's almost summer! If you are a regular reader than you know that I am craving warm weather and summertime. Although the last few days here in the Chicago area have been hovering in the 50's, it looks as though that will start changing again with a warm up approaching.  At some point soon we should be permanently in a warmer weather pattern. With that warm up comes more time outdoors.

Summer and warm weather go hand in hand with outdoor fun! Last year we discussed a few tech options to enhance your summer fun. Well, rest assured I have found some more fun outdoor gadgets to aid in your summer activities. And, yes they are all tech gadgets, toys or apps for all you tech lovers out there. Let's check them out, shall we?

1. Earl. Earl is an outdoor survival tablet. It is designed to work where smartphones and tablets do not, in remote areas and under harsh conditions. It provides GPS, weather alerts, trail information, walkie talkie capabilities, radio and more to keep you connected in case of emergency situations. The crowd-funding period has ended, but pre-orders are being accepted.

2. RC Beverage cooler. This cooler is perfect for the lounge chair bum chilling by the pool. It holds 12 bottles or cans plus ice. It can be summoned within in a 60-foot range. The remote is a fun bottle cap shape!

3. iSwimBand. This wearable anti-drowning device communicates via Bluetooth and corresponding apps available on iTunes, Google Play, and Kindle Fire. Each device can monitor up to 8 swimmers. You can have notifications if your swimmer is submerged longer than the preset limits or notifications if a non-swimmer enters the water.

4. June. June is a health and beauty device that monitors sun exposure. This wearable tech device communicates with a corresponding app to give wears a better understanding of the UV rays they are absorbing.

5. Waterproof music for swimmers. Are you a swimmer who would like to listen to music as you swim? Waterfi has the product for you, a waterproof iPod Shuffle swim kit. Waterproof 210 feet underwater and comes with waterproof earbuds.

6. SPF Apps. The iTunes App store has several handy apps that will help you calculate your sun exposure and assist in avoiding sunburns and prolong UF exposure.Just a few that are available are TanPro , Ultraviolet-UV Index and SPF.

7. Fishfinder devices and apps. For the avid summertime fishermen, there are a variety of devices available from Garmin Fish Finder GPS products to Fish Finder apps such as Deeper - Smart Fish Finder.

So, there are 7 new tech gadgets or apps to help make your summer enjoyable. Whether you are looking for summer fun, help with fishing or assistance in staying safe this summer chances are you will find a tech gadget or toy to assist you. Last year we talked about grilling apps, speakers and more. What summer, outdoor apps do you use to make the most of your time outside? I am always on the look out for new things. If you have something cool to share, I am working on the Father's Day Gift guide, so maybe you have something to share that the tech geek Dad's out there would enjoy! If you use any of the products mentioned above, I would love to hear your experiences.



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