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By: Jennifer Devitt on May 17th, 2015

A fun Monday App review. It will add some fun to your day!

Happy Monday! The last few Mondays, we have been having some fun around here with app reviews to help ease any case of the Monday's that might be floating around. I'll admit some were to combat writer's block, some were to offset a case of the Monday's!

Well, surprise, surprise I have another fun app for you! This one is just plain fun that I wanted to share. I am pretty sure Dave found it somehow last week and got the ball rolling sending something to our oldest. She almost died, shared it with her group of friends who all immediately wanted to try it out. It's now a high school hit!

So, have I kept you in suspense long enough? Surely you must be wondering what this app could be. Well, it's called Dubsmash. It is available on the iTunes store and Google Play.  You might be asking, what is Dubsmash. Well, its silly fun is what it is. And this time I have actually tried it. I don't know if the kids and Dave were impressed I tried it, mortified or just plain entertained. No, I will not be sharing them on here!

But seriously, Dubsmash is an audio recording app that allows the user to create their own "Dubs" to send to friends via text or Whats App. There is a wide variety of genres and categories to choose from. Basically, it's almost like karaoke. The user picks a quote or song to lip sync on video. You can do fun movie quotes, silly renditions of popular songs or movie scenes. I had some fun with 80's movies, Friends and some others. Dumbsmash takes communicating to whole new fun level.

Some of my favorites were Phoebe from Friends shouting "Chandler & eyes, my eyes" or "There's not crying in baseball" from A League of their Own or the monorail speech in English and Spanish from Disney World. Dave did some silly song that all our daughter's friends thought was the funniest thing ever. Our oldest creeped me out by doing the creepy American Horror Story song  "Dominique". Unless you are an American Horror Story watcher it probably doesn't seem creepy, but man it gets me every time!  I know some of my daughter's friends had their Mom's do Dubs of movie lines with lots of swearing in them just for fun, and they were hilarious! The things we do to make our kids laugh!

So, if you are looking for a fun way to send some messages to friends or family you can do has Dubsmash suggests and "Be a Dubber" and "Say it with Video".  It's easy and addictive. Have some fun with it. If you are not too shy feel free to share it. Me on the other hand, Ha I think I will stick to tormenting Dave and my kids only for now!  If you have a cool app you would like me to review, reach out. If you have one to share, feel free to find me on Twitter and tell me about the latest apps you enjoy! Have fun "Dubbing"!  

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