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By: Jennifer Devitt on February 21st, 2010

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A key element to consider before launching a Social Media Campaign


Social Media is all the rage. Everyone one wants in on it, and everyone wants to see great results (us included!). We are far from social media experts, but we are web experts. As web experts, we are contacted by Social Media Experts as well as firms of various sizes and varying industries who are either just embarking on social media or knee deep in a plan that isn't producing the expected results. Perhaps, a key element needs to be considered before launch....the website that will be the back-bone of the campaign.

Whether you are the Social Media/PR Expert outlining a social media plan or you are the CEO/Marketing Director of the firm hoping to capitalize on the campaign, the website should be a big part of the focus! In our experience, we have been witnessing firms who have a great campaign outlined, but the website that supports it is lacking! Or we have firms or experts come to us because the campaign is in full swing, traffic is sky-rocketing but the bounce rate is huge, and the site isn't bringing in new business, thus making the overall campaign a failure.

Perhaps if both the Social Media/PR experts and the CEO/Marketing Executives evaluated the website prior to launching a new campaign, better results would be achieved. Consider having a web professional evaluate the website to make sure it can handle an influx of traffic, retain the visitors, communicate with the visitors and pave the way for increased revenue.

SYDCON offers free consultations and can provide website evaluations for both Social Media/PR Experts and their clients or for individual firms looking to spruce up their website prior to working with a social media expert. Your website should be your number one salesperson and offer the same high-quality first impression the executives would offer in a face-to-face meeting. If your website is poorly designed, out-dated, not utilizing best practice, or just has plain bad functionality, you will never see the great results you desire!

A key thing to consider before launching into social media is to remember that it always goes back to how strong of a web presence you have!