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By: Jennifer Devitt on November 9th, 2014

A pizza chain is a tech company and killing it's competition. What can you learn from them?

Technology in 2014 and beyond. How do you define a "technology company"? If asked would you name companies such as the obvious, Apple, Microsoft etc? Would you think to name Domino's Pizza or perhaps Warby Parker? Probably not, but you would be remiss in not considering them as technology companies. In fact, as 2014 comes to an end, more companies should fall under "technology" to succeed.

In's original video, they discuss they many different careers and industries that require technology and/or programming skills. These individuals who are telling their stories go far beyond the usual suspects like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. In today's workforce, technology knowledge is required in more fields than you can imagine.

Let's consider Domino's Pizza. Domino's is a technology company on the rise. In fact, their stocks are on the rise and their same-store-sales for the past year have risen while competitors are stagnant or flat.  Would you be surprised to learn that Domino's biggest department is IT? The company gets, that it's key to invest in digital not just countless TV ads. They have a mobile site as well as an app in the app store.  Domino's Chief Marketing Officer Russell Weiner has this to say "What we saw then and continue to see now, is consumers prefer digital ordering over any other type".

So, a pizza chain known for 30 minute or less delivery time is also a technology company. What about Warby Parker? In 2013, they were called "The tech startup that isn't a tech company at all".  Warby Parker is a fashion eyewear company. They have grown from an online e-commerce only company to now having brick and mortar stores as well. No, they don't sell software, but they "create a tremendous amount of software in house."

What can firms in any industry, students or individuals in the ever changing job market learn from Domino's and Warby Parker? They can learn what is preaching. Everyone needs to learn some coding, embrace technology and stop ignoring mobile, apps and e-commerce. Brick and mortars need to stop hiding behind their storefronts and have a physical as well as an internet presence. Today's youth need to realize that no matter what career path you are choosing to take, technology will be part of it. Whether you are a teacher using Google Docs, a doctor with digital patient files, a lawyer representing a tech company or maybe a landscape designer or a professional football coach. The list is endless. You don't have to be a master computer programmer to utilize technology in the workforce. The job market is ever-changing, technology is evolving it's time to embrace it to succeed.

So, tell me. What companies would you consider technology companies? Did learning about Domino's and Warby Parker change the way you think about what a technology company is? Take some time as the year is winding down to consider how technology can enhance your company.  Is an app the answer for your company or is it finally the time to go mobile? Are you utilizing e-commerce or could you streamline via system integration?  The options are endless, talk to a developer today to see how you can make your company a successful tech company too.

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