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By: Jennifer Devitt on November 15th, 2015

A quick run down on our initial plus/minus of the new iPad Pro.

Apple's latest piece of hardware finally was released last week. The much anticipated mammoth iPad Pro. When Apple unveiled the iPad Pro at the September 9th event it was met with many "Oohs and Aahs" From its jumbo size to the new flashy gadgets. But, we would all have to wait until last week to get our hands on one.

Well, it took some checking at several local stores, but SYDCON now has one in our arsenal of Apple products to test/develop on. I swear every time one of these new gadgets comes out it's like kids anticipating Christmas morning and new toys! Let's do a quick run down of Dave's initial plus/minus of the new device, shall we?


1. It's BIG! Ha! The box alone looks like a laptop box. When I picked it up the Apple Store employee said how strange it was I could pre-order to pick it up yet they couldn't sell it on the floor yet! The size is causing a conundrum as well. The Apple associate said to me with concern in his eyes "sorry I don't have a bag that this will fit in unless I give you the largest we have which is really big!". I assured him I would be ok bagless, and just clutched it for dear life has I headed to my car. Although, I did duck into Lululemon and the associate peaked up to say hello and with a shocked, concerned faced instantly offered me a Lulu tote!

2. Fantastic screen/display. The colors and display are glorious. With a quick tap, you can enlarge icons which are great for Dave's aging vision.

3. The sound is fabulous. Let's just say even our loud music fan teenagers were impressed. The speakers on the iPad Pro deliver quality sound.

4. Weight. It is not nearly has heavy as anticipated.


1. It's Big! Yep, this makes it into both categories. If you tend to take you iPad with you on the go, just carrying it like a book might not be the best solution. In fact, even for a large purse lover like myself, I can't fit it in my purse. It needs more of a laptop/messenger type bag.

2. Lack of 3D Touch. When Apple announced the iPad Pro, it also announced the iPhone 6S with the new awe-inspiring 3D Touch. Sadly and oddly enough Apple did not add 3D Touch to the iPad Pro.

3. Accessory delay. While we were able to get our hands on an iPad Pro, the accessories were a different story. We could not get anything. No smart cover, no new flashy keyboard or crafty and chic Apple Pen. Even 3rd party keyboards are not yet available. In a rare Apple stumble, it was disappointing to not be able to purchase the highly anticipated accessories with the new device on release day.

So, there are some of our initial thoughts on the new iPad Pro from Apple. We are still getting used to its size and are anxiously awaiting the Pen to try more things with it. Were you able to get your hands on one? What are your thoughts on the device? Will it replace your laptop (when the keyboard is available anyway)? What types of needs will it address in your business?  



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