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By: Jennifer Devitt on February 10th, 2015

Anticipated release of Apple Watch comes with it's pros and cons as tech advances.

Apple Watch is coming, and the rumored release date is April 2015. Apple is still saying "early 2015".  Anticipation is mixed on the release of Apple's newest toy. The price point, style, functions are being considered by Apple fanatics as well as general consumers. It is thought that on the low end the Apple Watch will retail for $349.

With the release being approximately two months away, expect more and more information to leak out. As we have discussed before, wearable technology is not exactly a new thing. While we all await the official release, there is some new information.  This week, it was reported that there is an already FDA approved app to track glucose levels. The app was developed by DexCom a medical product manufacturer. According to reports, DexCom will have two apps, one for the patient and one for the doctor.  I feel as though wearable technology or the Apple Watch will see a huge boom in medical advancements. Perhaps this will be what makes wearable stand out from smartphones and tablets.

In addition to news of new apps created specifically for the Apple Watch, it is also already causing controversy and dilemmas. It is being reported that in advance of the impending release of the Apple Watch, universities are banning watches in exam halls. This makes sense as it will be difficult for moderators to know when you're checking the time or Googling an answer or asking a buddy for help via text message.

As with many things, this expanding branch of technology will have it's pros and cons. Pro's could be assisting patients and physicians with better monitoring of serious health conditions, con's would be cheating, distracted drivers and more. The release of the Apple Watch will give developers yet another platform to develop apps for and find success in the App Store.

What types of apps are you expecting to see on the highly anticipated Apple Watch? Are you one of the Apple fanatics that will be pre-ordering one as soon as you can or are on the fence and plan to wait for the second generation release?  Perhaps there are specific apps or functions that will sway your decision? What types of pitfalls or cons do you see stemming from the development of wearable technology?

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