Apple 1 auction, coding in class, Apple Store rebrand, Warby Parker, Redbooth and tech jobs in todays tech news. Blog Feature

By: Jennifer Devitt on August 23rd, 2016

Apple 1 auction, coding in class, Apple Store rebrand, Warby Parker, Redbooth and tech jobs in todays tech news.

It's raining, it's pouring but it's the first day of school and it's also Wednesday so that means it's tech news day!!! I think a rainy day may ease the kids back into school a bit easier because they won't be staring outside at a beautiful sunny day wishing for one more day of summer! Now, let's see what kind of tech news I have for you this week, shall we?

1. A Steve Job's built computer pass $500,000 in the online auction! Wow, just wow. The computer is an original Apple 1 called "Celebration". Reports say only about 60 of these Apple 1 units exist, but one built by Jobs himself? A portion of the auction (minimum of 10 percent) will be being donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Arizona.

2. Coding in the classroom. While students for years have been required to study a foreign language, coding is hot on its heels. As this article states,

The reality is, with fewer students choosing to study foreign languages, programming languages are shaping business in this century and well into the future.

3. The Apple Store is now just "Apple". Makes sense, people don't say "I'm going to The Target Store".   In tech circles, it is believed the rebranding effort is a move to have the stores thought of as more of a "gathering place" versus just a retail store. When Apple opened a new San Fransisco store it was deemed "Apple Union Square" and others are "Apple World Trade Center" and so on.

4. Warby Parker debuts a video game. Yes, Warby Parker the eye glass manufacture. We have discussed Warby Parker here on the blog before. The eyewear company is also known as a tech company.  Warby Parker teamed with Kill Screen to create 'Worbs" a new game! Give it a try when you need to clear your mind for a few minutes!

5. Redbooth on Apple TV.  Redbooth is an online task and project management software. It is also the first enterprise app available on Apple TV. The hope is that for companies that use the app they will use Apple TV to utilize the app on larger wall TVs or screens in a group setting in lieu of screen sharing or streaming from laptops to projectors.

6. Tech jobs are growing faster than Wall Street jobs. It's no secret that tech jobs are on the rise and skills are in demand. In New York, tech jobs are now surpassing jobs in finance. This trend backs up item 2 in today's tech news, showing the importance of tech/coding in the classrooms.

I hope you find something interesting in today's tech news. If you read something cool and interesting this week feel free to share it with me. Happy reading!    



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