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By: Jennifer Devitt on May 1st, 2016

Apple CareKit opens the door for developers and healthcare companies to further medical advancement.

The next step in development opportunities on the Apple Watch is here. Last week, Apple made its CareKit platform available to developers. The Apple Watch has already been credited with saving several lives. Since the device's release last year, many have been left wondering what the purpose of the device is and whether is something that will be a mainstream device. Currently, the device is an accessory to your iPhone. It can deliver your messages, emails, and calls via your wrist. You can use it for GPS directions, or you get notifications from Instagram and use it to track your health and fitness. So, what's the big fuss about CareKit? Well, CareKit,  HealthKit, and ResearchKit as well all carry huge potential when it comes to health care and fitness advancement within wearable technology. It has been my belief since the device debuted that health care and fitness will be what puts it on the map. With the release of CareKit to developers, it is opening up more functionality for developers and users. Some items now available are:

  • Symptom monitoring
  • Medication tracking
  • Communication with caregivers, family members, and doctors.

A big key to the success of Apple has been the great success found by the millions of Apple developers making a record-breaking $40 billion in 2015 - on apps! As developers, companies, and users find niche areas to create apps on the Apple Watch, the device will soar. When Apple opened up CareKit via open source and GitHub several apps also debuted with it.

1. One Drop. This app monitors diabetes. It can communicate with Bluetooth glucose monitors, store your levels, communicate blood glucose levels with family and caregivers, as well as sync it to the Health App. The app will also track your medication dosages, remind you to take your medication, track your food intake and calculate your carb intake, as well as monitor your activity levels. Combine all these items together and you can present a pretty conclusive picture to your physician to help maintain your glucose levels.

2. Iodine. This app is a medication tracker. It is designed to help doctors and patients determine what medication works best for them. It will also document and help you monitor any and all side effects making reporting them to your doctor easier.

3. Glow. A female reproductive tracking app. The app allows for the tracking of reproductive cycles, pregnancy tracking, and symptoms.

4. Glow Baby. This app allows new parents to track developmental milestones, diaper changes, feeding times, growth and more. Developments like these in conjunction with the ResesarchKit opens up the potential for healthcare companies and individuals who struggle with monitoring their healthcare to create apps that will further advancements in medical care. Perhaps you struggle with monitoring day to day medications or are a caregiver for a small child or elderly patient. Would an app like those listed above make it easier for you? Or maybe you are a healthcare or pharmaceutical company that would like to assist doctors and patients with diagnosis and health monitoring. With the availability of CareKit to Apple Developers, there is no better time than now to talk to a qualified developer and join the millions of developers finding success on the App Store.    



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