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By: Jennifer Devitt on July 19th, 2016

Apple history, Google Food, Snapchat, Nike, AI, Emergency SOS and ResearchKit in today's tech news.

Hey, Wednesday! Maybe you wondered where the blog was last week. There wasn't one, all week! Well, that's because I was on vacation and unplugged the blog for the week. I'm back, recharged and refreshed. I made it past Monday so I must be on the right track! I have quite a few things for you this week, so let's get right to it!

1. Today in Apple history. On July 20, 1978, Apple shipped its first OS device. Apple DOS made its debut on the Apple II.

2. Google uses high-tech shipping containers to grow organic herbs. Feeding your staff breakfast, lunch and dinner when your a company the size of Google takes a lot of product. Google has a whole department called, appropriately enough "Google Food".  They make their best efforts to grow their own sustainable food when they can.  They have a program called "Farm to Table" this program utilizes a shipping container called "Leafy Green Machine".

3. Snapchat to use facial recognition? Snapchat has a new US Patent "apparatus and method for automated privacy protection in distributed images". The patent was granted on July 19th.

4. Nike used algorithmic software and 3-D printing for a new shoe.  Check out these new kicks Nike is debuting for the summer Olympics. They are Nike Superfly Elite! Custom software is everywhere people!

5. Google aims to cut its huge electric bill. Google will be using DeepMind, via an AI system to help control some of its data centers and cut their energy costs!

6. Apple Watch to add SOS feature. Watch OS3 will allow users to send an SOS message without the users iPhone!  The feature is Emergency SOS.

7. ResearchKit to help arthritis. There is a new app from GlaxoSmithKline that they will use to research rheumatoid arthritis. The app is strictly for research of symptoms, causes, etc of the debilitating disease at this point to aid the pharmaceutical firm on future drug treatments and developments.

Wow, so 7 tech news items, I told you I had quiet a few things this week. What have you read recently in tech news? Feel free to share it with me! Happy tech reading!



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