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By: Jennifer Devitt on August 2nd, 2016

Apple TV app, coding, IBM cancer chip detector, Baskin Robbins app, musical pillow and tech in the Olympics in this weeks tech news.

It's Wednesday so that means it's tech news time. Seems like I had a lot more to choose from this week for some reason. So let's take a look at what I have, shall we?

1. Apple TV remote app now available. You can now use your iPhone to control your Apple TV via Siri.

2. Coding for the fourth industrial revolution.  An in-depth view of the importance of coding, software development, apps, etc on the future of the workforce. The article focuses on the importance of computer science education for future career success.

3. IBM has a new chip to detect cancer. IBM has announced a new "lab-on-a-chip" technology to help with early cancer detection. The idea is that cancer cells start out small so something that can break down cells and read the contents is required for the earliest possible detection.

4. Baskin Robbins uses an app to target breakfast eaters. Yes, you read that right, Baskin Robbins for breakfast! The ice cream giant says their August flavor of the month is inspired by breakfast, "Oreo Milk 'n Cereal". The app allows customers to order and pay for the purchase via the app.

5. Music streaming pillow. Do you need music to lull you to sleep at night? Well, this pillow might be for you then. Zeeq plays music from inside and at a low enough tone that it won't disturb your roommate! The pillow also can track your sleep patterns.

6. How the Olympics is using new technology to change our viewing experience. The Olympics is starting this week and they are using some new technology to enhance your viewing experience. They will have Virtual Reality, drone cameras, ultra HD, super high vision and online streaming. Do you plan to experience the Olympics in an alternate way?

7. Watch the Olympics on your Apple TV. If you are a cord cutter but a fan of the Olympics don't worry you can watch it via an Apple TV. You can utilize NBC Sports, Sling TV or  Channels app.

Happy viewing. Whew, see I told you I had a few things, and I had several others that didn't even make the cut.  Did you read any great tech news this week? Feel free to share it with me. Happy reading!  



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