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By: Jennifer Devitt on November 1st, 2015

Apple Watch now offering more fashionable choices for women consumers.

 Apple Watch Hermes It is now coming up on eight months since Apple began preorders for the Apple Watch (April 10, 2015). Since it's debut, Watch OS2 was released bringing more functionality to the watch.  Since it's release the Watch has been dubbed a fashion, luxury wearable, due to its price tag.

When Apple was first discussing the Apple Watch, I was intrigued, but Dave was immediately on board. If you recall, here on the blog I was initially on the fence on if I should get one. Sure, from a business standpoint it made sense. Our clients are asking us to develop on the platform. In order to keep current with advancing technology, we need to offer development on new and emerging platforms. But I was also hesitant as I mentioned here on the blog back in June because I found them to be semi-masculine looking. That is unless I went with a rose gold Watch Edition, which was not happening!

Fast forward to August and I fessed up that I had caved. We needed to incorporate development for the Watch into our other Apple software development services and in order to do that I needed hands on experience. An experience I was not going to get looking over Dave's shoulder. So, I settled on a band that suited my style as well as the role as a VP of a software development firm. My choices were limited, I felt as a woman.  I chose the stainless steel with a Modern Buckle band.  I am more than pleased with my choice.

Well, again now let's fast forward to November and I think Apple has finally found a niche for women with more band choices. Today I feel as though Apple's Milanese Loop and Modern Buckle offer nice choices for women that are not in the high priced "Watch Edition" category of the Rose Gold. In addition to those original models, Apple now offers the Classic Buckle as well as the stunning Hermes Double Tour. The Hermes Watches/bands are sadly not yet available on the Apple Store and are only in select cities and stores.  In addition, designer Bianca Mosca unveiled beautiful alligator bands, retailing at $375 and are available in a plethora of colors. These bands also come with a lifetime warranty!

The appealing thing to fashion-conscious tech wearable enthusiasts is the ability to change bands styles and colors as well as having a sports band on hand for more casual wear or during fitness activities. In my opinion, changing the bands is simple and not time-consuming. Anyone can easily accessorize their wardrobe with a change of the band. With the holidays approaching, I can see the availability of new band styles and colors being a solid edition to any wearable tech enthusiasts wish list. In fact, be sure to check out my annual tech-inspired gift blog in December, you just might find these bands on the list!  And, maybe just maybe Santa will bring me a Hermes edition. After all, I have been good this year!

So, tell me do you have an Apple Watch? What are your thoughts on them from a fashion standpoint? Do you agree Apple is now making them more appealing to women? If you have a Watch, I would love to hear about your accessories as well as day to day use for the Watch.

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