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By: Jennifer Devitt on September 13th, 2015

Apple's big event has come and gone. Can you guess what item I am anticipating most?

Last week Apple had their mega event on September 9th. And it was a mega event for sure. With new devices and larger iPads for tech geeks to salivate over (I am still waiting for Dave to stop drooling over the iPad Pro!). Best as I can tell the event lived up to the hype. And I know in our house asking Siri for hints was a fun way to wait for the official event.

We discussed here on the blog prior to the event what could be expected. Well, now that the news is out and the anticipation for shipments is high let's talk about one of the announcements I am most looking forward to, shall we? Can you guess which item I think is the most exciting?


I have recommended the current generation Apple TV on several of our past gift blogs, whether it be for Dads, new grads or anyone on your shopping list. But, this new generation of Apple TV appears a major game changer. There were many rumors floating around about a potential Apple TV reboot. Even Apple teased with its invite and "Siri, give me a hint" tagline.

For the past few years, we have been big users of Apple TV. We started out with the first generation and now even our kids love it. We use it to access Netflix, stream movies or workout programs, and Dave watches far too many podcasts. While all that was great, the user experience was lacking and sometimes annoying.  Let's face it most remotes that you have to use to type on the screen with are awful. Searching for things was a real pain in the rear.

Well, I have seen the presentation of the new Apple TV and I am psyched! Enter Siri into my family room! Hooray! I love some of the new features such as asking Siri "what did he/she say' and have her go back skip back a few seconds and not only replay the audio but also briefly turn on closed captioning! This will be so helpful especially for Dave during Game of Thrones!  Then, the feature of asking Siri to find a specific episode of a TV show without having to scroll thru the countless seasons. Fabulous, especially when you don't necessarily remember what season the exact episode you are looking for was from.

Now, enter gaming. While I know this won't be a Xbox killer on day one. I think it has potential. We were excited to see Guitar Hero coming to Apple TV. We have always enjoyed video games and surrendered our Xbox to our teenage son some time ago. But sometimes we say it would be fun to play a random game, now we can! Also available on Apple TV will be Apple Music as well as shopping and a whole new App Store.

With price points of $149 for a 32GB model and $199 for the 64GB model, the price increase is modest considering all the new enhancements. As Tim Cook stated he believes the future of television is apps. I agree. With the unquestionable success of services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime it's no surprise to see HBO and Showtime following suit. Soon viewers will have distinct choices for how the consume their TV media. There will be more options to make cutting the cord easier.

So, what item are you most anticipating from last week's event? Or, are you like Dave, a kid in a candy store wanting it all? I can say I am also intrigued by the iPad Pro. I am not so much looking to swap out my 6 Plus for the 6S Plus, I will wait till next year for that I think.  I think the iPad Pro will be big for businesses and we will see more app development geared towards that. And, I actually think the Pencil looks fun! How about you? What's on your Apple wishlist?

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