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By: Jennifer Devitt on February 22nd, 2015

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Apple's latest ad "Make Film" further challenges us to "let the learning continue".


Apple is at it again. From holidays to Grammys to Oscars to life in general Apple is asking us to reevaluate how we use technology in our life, career, and education. Last night Apple debuted another new iPad ad during the Oscars.

I have made no secret of my love for the recent Apple ads. Sure, Apple is advertising their hardware and technology. But what they are also doing is making us all stop and think. Think about the possibilities the future holds. These ads are geared towards making us think outside of the box. Let's take a look at the last few Apple ads, shall we?

1. Misunderstood (2013). Holiday season 2013, Apple debuted "Misunderstood". A beautifully set ad that made us think of snow, and family time. It also made many think the teen at the center of the ad was lost on his phone and out of touch with his family. A stereotypical teenager, right? Wrong. The end of the ad showed us how the teen used the technology at his fingertips to create a lasting memory of his family.

2. What will your verse be? (2014).  This one is my absolute favorite. I love the poetry of Walt Whitman and the narration of the late, great Robin Williams. I love the call to each and everyone who is willing to listen and learn and embrace technology. What will your verse be?

3. Change. (2014).  Change and technology, technology and change. As we have discussed here before they go hand in hand. In the "Change" ad Apple is showing how technology has changed our life and how we do business.

4. The Song (2014). The latest holiday ad from Apple focuses on the use of Garageband to create the music for a gift from the heart.

5. Make Music (2015). Debuting during the 2015 Grammy Awards show, Apple shows how you can create music via varying applications on the iPad Air 2.

6. Make Film (2015). Debuting during the 2015 Oscars and narrated by Martin Scorsese follows in the footsteps of "Make Music". I found I loved this one in the same manner that I loved "What will your verse be".  Mr. Scorsese says "Let the learning continue" and I love that. He is telling "if your dreaming your sleeping". Find a way to bring your dreams to life.

Today, many people say there is an epidemic.  A problem with a technology addiction. I say technology is allowing us to learn, to create, to bring dreams to life. What these ads challenge us to see and do is experience life. To challenge boundaries and find and create new products. These ads are challenging us to make our mark and embrace technology in education, in life and in every genre, industry, and vocation. The limits are endless, how will you use technology to advance your life?