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By: Jennifer Devitt on May 6th, 2014

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Apps! There are millions of them. Share your favorite one with me!


Apps. It's no secret we develop them. Probably isn't a surprise we use them daily and lots of them. If you are a regular blog reader you know that we like to share with our reader's cool new apps we found or apps that we use regularly that we think you might enjoy. I also have a tendency to quote Apple in saying "There's an app for that!". In addition to quoting Apple, I also like to encourage individuals and/or firms to build the app if there isn't one!

In 2013, Apple reported that their App Store revenue topped $10 billion. Apple also says that the App Store offers over one million iPod/iPhone apps and more than 500,000 iPad apps! That's a lot of apps. By the end of 2013 app developers had earned $15 billion thru app store sales! With that kind of inventory, and new apps being added daily sometimes the best apps are found by word of mouth or news reports.

I enjoy sharing with you some of our favorite apps. In past blogs, I have introduced you to Shopkick, Remote Link by OnStar, the companion app for Nest. Then there was Disney's trip planning app My Disney Experience and let's not forget about the cooking thermometer iGrill. As you can see, we use apps in varying genres and for various functions. Apps can either be fun or make your life easier. The uses for apps are endlessness.

So, in an effort to find more cool apps, save time, be more efficient or have fun I am calling on you for input. We enjoy trying out new apps. We enjoy sharing apps of fellow developers with our readers. Yes, I realize some may be considered competitors. But, no one developer will have every great idea. In order for technology to evolve and our industry to thrive, we also need to support our fellow developers. So, you may ask what am I am asking of you, or what's the point of this blog. My point is simple. If you developed a great app you would like us to try it out and feature it, feel free to reach out. If you have a reader have a favorite app you think others will love or appreciate let us know and we will give it a try and share it here on an upcoming blog (giving you credit of course for sharing it!).

Ok, so let me have it. What are your favorite apps on your iPhone or iPad? What makes your day easier or passes your time during a lull, what app do you revert to when you need a mindless break? Is your favorite app a game, a shopping app, a convenience app? Tell me about them so we can all give them a whirl and help continue the growth of apps and technology!