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By: Jennifer Devitt on June 8th, 2014

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Are you a fitness nut that travels a lot? You will love this app.


Summer travel time is here. There are many of us who do not give up our smartphones or iPads when we travel whether we are on business or personal trips. And, I for one don't think complete unplugging is necessary. Our smartphones can assist us with many things while we are traveling. They can provide us with mapquest, restaurant and hotel guides, purchasing admission to events, videoing or photographing precious memories and more. I discussed Apple's genius of the "Your Verse" promos back in January that show just how beneficial devices can be. There are many apps out there they can assist the traveler.

There are parking apps to find parking near you, apps to make dinner reservations, and I recently got wind of an app that helps fitness nuts find gyms or fitness centers that offer day memberships. The app is called "Gymsurfing". The app Gymsurfing is available in the App Store.

Key features of Gymsurfing allows users to search gyms nearby that offer day memberships for travelers. Users can sort by location as well as pricing. The app lists specific gym amenities such as pool, saunas, specific gym equipment, etc. Once the users find the gym they would like to visit, they can then purchase the day pass right from the app. So, if your hotel does not offer a fitness center, or it is too small to suit your particular workout needs, you can always find an alternative and many times at a very reasonable price.

I have not used this app yet, but reviews are solid on the app store. I don't travel a lot for business, and when we travel for leisure, I can get by with what the hotel has to offer. However, if I traveled extensively I think I would find this useful. Have you utilized this app or others like it? I would love to hear your experience. Apps can be very beneficial to travelers. Have you ever wished there was an app that would make your travels easier? If one does not exist, consider bringing it to life yourself with the assistance of a qualified app developer. I once read that the most successful apps are the ones created by individuals who find frustration in daily activities and create it to help themselves and others like them. So, can the next great app come from you?