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By: Jennifer Devitt on August 10th, 2014

Blogging and writers block. They go hand in hand. How I combat it!

Writer's block. I would say it is safe to assume that all bloggers face it at some point or another. And, they probably face it on some sort of regular basis as well. There can be many reasons for writer's block. It could be your mind is too focused on something else. You could be busy with other work related tasks. You could have personal issues that are distracting you. The reasons are endless and will vary person to person, and possibly by industry.

Today is one of those days for me. Summer seems to be my peak time for writer's block. And, I typically find Monday's to be the worst. Now, that could be because like most people I am not a fan of Mondays in general. Come on, how many of us out there really love Monday's unless it's your day off or you have an after work activity you love that occurs on Mondays! How do you combat writer's block? We all have our secrets or a stashed source of ideas we keep just in case. Here are some ways I combat writer's block.

1. Music. I have several kinds of playlists. Playlists for quiet time, exercise, holidays, etc. So, on a day I have writer's block, I assess my mood and perhaps the time of the day. I pick a song typically to start with which usually determines which playlist I pick. I will listen to a few songs, focus on them and it usually will clear my head, leaving me open for writing ideas.

2. Reading or research. Every morning I read industry specific articles. Which for our industry can have a big span? It can range from computers and devices to apps, software, and systems. These days I can read about just any industry and I will find tech ties to it. Now, you would think this would provide me with a goldmine of ideas for a tech related blog. But, actually, sometimes it does the opposite and is overwhelming.

3. Humor. Sometimes I find an online entertainment news site (could be TV/Movies) or a new site that has a humor, comedy or entertainment news section. I will find something off the wall and silly to make me laugh and it helps wipe the clutter out of my mind, allowing me to focus or see the idea right under my nose.

4. Log. I keep a log of ideas. Ok, it's not long. I tend to blog by the seat of my pants most of the time. But, Dave and I do brainstorm when I have writer's block, and that brainstorming session will usually turn up more than one good idea. So, I jot it down for the next time my brain hits a wall.

5. Guest Posts or Pick someone else's brain. If all else fails, I try (usually unsuccessfully) to rope someone else in our office into supplying a blog post. Even if it means they give me an outline or shell and I actually write the rest. I can usually get Dave to do this on occasion. Being as though we have been in this business together since inception, I have become pretty intuitive when it comes to finishing his thoughts and/or sentences so he can just give me a bunch of bullet points and then edit it when I am done. Then viola, a blog post, and usually a more technical post.

6. Apps. Apps are everywhere, so there is always a new one I can review or just talk about one I have heard about. I have done blogs on apps that help with travel and summer fun. Sure, not high tech, but helpful to individuals or just fun reads.

7. Services. I have also done blog posts expanding on services we offer. Possibly explaining more on what say "systems integration" is and how it can help your business. When you outline your services online, you typically do not (and should not) overwhelm potential clients with too much content. So a blog on a specific service or product you offer can further outline what it is, how it can help potential clients and why you are the best firm to use.

These are some ways I combat writer's block. How do you combat it? Share with me your ideas and/or strategies, we can all try new things to be more productive. See, I even used today's writer's block problem to write a blog. I started out with music, still got stalled and decided to write about how I hit a brick wall and bam, the blog was done!



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