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By: Jennifer Devitt on February 2nd, 2014

Brandbowl/Adbowl and social media on Superbowl Sunday.

Superbowl Sunday. For some, it's all about the big game being played. For others, it's all about the food. Some just watch for the commercials and others it's a party day. Then there are those who watch because their family watches it. In our house, Dave & Connor watch the game (although not as closely has the would watch the Stanley Cup Finals or World Series). Dave, like me, enjoys Twitter on Superbowl Sunday and we both like the ads. My kids are all about the food on Superbowl Sunday! See, I am a horrible Mom who doesn't allow them to eat too much junk food. So, Superbowl Sunday to them is like a holiday when they get to eat what they want!

I am not a football person, but I do support the local team (Bears) by wearing a jersey on game day. So for me, it's about catering to my family and cooking their favorites. This year it was pulled pork sandwiches, homemade fries and brownie sundaes for dessert. They also had munchies like pretzels and queso and root beer! In addition to enjoying cooking for my family, I enjoy the ads and the Twitter banter about them. This year though, I found the ads (and subsequently the Twitter banter) to be lacking. I just thought the ads were not up to snuff this year. That being said, I do have my favorites.

1. Ellen/Beats Music: I just love Ellen. She is just so darn cute and makes everything seem fun. How could you not love her dancing with the Bears? Also, we are doing a trial of Beats Music here and so far, so good so I am a fan of the product.

2. Radio Shack. I am an 80's fanatic. I love 80's movies and love 80's music. So, this was a blast from the past for me and I loved it for those reasons. I did, however, find it undercut by the dim reality of the reason for the commercial. Sure, kudos to Radio Shack for acknowledging they were out of date in a fun way. But, they have been out of date for some time now and their competitors like Best Buy (who were not out of date) are also struggling. So, excuse the pun but this felt like their "Hail Mary pass".

3. David Beckham for H&M. So sue me, I am a female who watches the Superbowl only for the ads and I have no shame in admitting I love these spots purely for the eye-candy...just as they were intended.

4. Best Buds. This was my absolute favorite. I do not drink beer of any kind, but I always love the Budweiser ads. Clydesdales are awesome and coupled with a cute puppy best friend, what's not to love?

So, those are my Superbowl Sunday favorites, what are yours??? Were you active on Twitter on Sunday, did you pick up any new followers or scare anyway? Did you learn anything from the brands on new ways to boost your business? Did you go visit any websites due to a commercial? I heard the Maserati spot crashed their site! Could your website withstand the traffic of a new campaign? What did you think of GoDaddy this year? Now, onto the rest of hockey season!

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