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By: Jennifer Devitt on August 13th, 2013

Collaboration Opens Doors

Much like the probing questions involved on a first date, so is the process of finding a collaborative match with a design firm. Instead of "what do you do with your free time" and "what do you do for work", questions such as "are you able to program a custom shopping cart and add it to a website" or "are you able to develop a custom Content Management System specifically for this website so the user can make additions or edits once we are done" come up. A little less romantic, sure, but just as important to somebody trusting the visual appeal and working ability of their business' online representation to somebody else. As a firm that specializes in developing websites and apps, oftentimes we are contacted by marketing firms, ad agencies or design firms working on the visual aspects of a website who need somebody to program the inner content and make the website work.

A typical beginning to this type of outside inquiry is to check our ability to perform the desired task. Whether a new website needs to be built from the ground up, a visual design needs to be made into a fully-functional website, or an existing website needs to be improved, our services are outlined and any following questions about adding functionality to a website are addressed. Sometimes, the inquiring firm is even another development company that might be in over their heads or too busy and looking for some help. We pride ourselves on collaborating with a wide range of firms in varying industries that specialize in many areas of service.

During the development process we talk with the design firm, ad agency, etc. to ensure our correct understanding of the outlined work to be performed and that our mutually-established plan of action is being followed correctly. Our quoting process usually follows the pattern of determining if the site is new or being updated, understanding project specifics, internally deciding the best route of action, and lastly giving a quote to the inquiring firm. Each quote is tailored specifically to the needs communicated by the outside firm; we do not use flat rates or static packaged pricing because every project is unique.

Collaborating in the current-day business structure is effective for any business. It enables firms with different specialties to do what they do best: marketing firms market, design firms design, advertising agencies advertise, and development companies develop. It just makes sense.

Let us know in the comments your experience collaborating with other firms, or maybe a bad date story? Let's have some fun with this one!

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