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By: Jennifer Devitt on October 6th, 2013

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Innovation vs. Tradition: Digital vs. Paper Information


Technology has improved the efficiency at which we are able to complete many of the tasks in our lives. Faster, more fuel efficient cars, better computers... there are many examples. Another such example is the ability for a company to go totally paperless with all of their forms. From client information to job applications to anything imaginable, it is all possible to be kept inside an online database and stored electronically.

We as a web development company recognize the added benefit digitizing your forms provides and are huge proponents of going paperless, or at least digitizing where possible:

  • Your business can save on printing and ink costs by having all forms online instead of printed on paper, which also helps your company to be more eco-friendly, a point that can be emphasized in marketing
  • Forms are able to be sent quickly from those filling out the forms and distributed to the correct area where those who need to view the data can do so. Companies that "go digital" are also seen as more contemporary and more efficient, which is received well among the general customer base.
  • The element of human transcribing error is removed from the data entry aspect, as the information is already on the form when it is filed into the database of your website. The only errors that would be on the form would be there by way of the person filling out the form
  • The visual quality of forms filled out online and distributed through the website's interior processing is much higher than photocopied or scanned paper copies
  • Forms can be stored in a database to enable sharing through multiple areas of the company. If customer service and sales both need access to the same data, it can be stored in a location and accessed by as many people as necessary by way of a custom written program. Data is more secure because it can be encrypted; nobody can just walk up to a desk and read the information.
  • Data can be indexed and made searchable via programming instead of rifling through file cabinets loaded with paper copies of information

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to digitizing your company's information. When a prospective client is faced with deciding between companies to hire, a business that uses digital information storage instead of paper is safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly and should be chosen for those reasons.

How are you using digital technology? Can your business benefit from making your data digital? Contact us today to discuss the endless possibilities.