Google Street View, fitness tracker glasses, Apple Pencil, Smart Sports and tech in cannabis in this weeks tech news. Blog Feature

By: Jennifer Devitt on August 30th, 2016

Google Street View, fitness tracker glasses, Apple Pencil, Smart Sports and tech in cannabis in this weeks tech news.

Hey, it's Wednesday, half the week is done! Next week is a short week too! How is it Labor Day weekend already? If I see one more post about Pumpkin Spice anything or Halloween decorations! UGH, let's not rush into winter, shall we? But, back on topic. Since it's Wednesday let's take a look at what tech news I have to share, shall we?

1. Coders use 13,000 images to make a Google Street View.  Ok, this is cool. These coders used 13,000 images to create a Google Street View of San Fransisco from the 1800's!  David Vanderkam and Raven Keller utilized old photos to create an interactive map.

2. Fitness trackers in glasses. Check out these glasses, not your ordinary pair. Nope, these encase a fitness tracker that is embedded in eye glasses. University of Southern California Center for Body Computing is working with VSP to create a new form of the fitness tracker. While there are currently no plans to make them public, prototypes research findings are expected in 2017.

3. iPad update means big things for Apple Pencil. Rumor has it that next year's iPad update will give a boost to the Apple Pencil. It is rumored that Apple will incorporate the use of the Pencil across the whole operating system.

4. IoT and Smart Sports. We have discussed some of these sports/training products here on the blog before. This article sums up just how much sports and sports training are utilizing the Internet of Things, from smart footballs to wearables, helmets, and smart basketballs.

5. iPhones to help Cannabis business? Yep, you read that title right. A startup, Flowhub has developed a software to assist cannabis growers and retailers stay compliant. The software uses iPhones scanners named "NUGS" to track customer ID, track individual plants and track inventory.

Have you read any good tech news lately that you think I would enjoy? Feel free to share it. In the meantime, happy reading!



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