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By: Jennifer Devitt on August 16th, 2016

Googles new operating system, implanted medical devices, food label app, vintage Macs, robots and shot on iPhone in this weeks tech news.

It's Wednesday again! This time next week local kids including our own will be back in school! Yippee!! Tech is everywhere in their schools now. Online registration, online schedules, high-end calculators, GoogleDocs, online assignments and tests, even our youngest is now getting her own Chromebook via the school! Ok, enough about Back to School let's see what kind of tech news I have for you this week, shall we?

1. Is Google building a new operating system? Or so it appears by what has been discovered via GitHub. Rumors are floating, it doesn't appear to be for Andriod. Google isn't commenting, but tech reporters are speculating it could be geared towards IoT (Internet of Things).

2. Implanted medical devices that monitor the body in real time. Could implants the size of a spec of dust be implanted into bodies to help monitor body functions and correct the brains electrical signals? These little chips could allow real-time monitoring of various systems within the body.

3. A new app makes food labels easier to understand. Or, is it just too complex? Results are mixed, but The Sage Project is an online database that provides users with more information and data about the foods they ingest.  The app takes food labels far beyond caloric intake. It aims at better nutritional information to help attain health goals, better understand what we are ingesting and how our bodies process it.

4. Looking to buy some vintage Macs? An iconic store is auctioning their inventory! New York-based Tekserve is closing and they are auctioning off the contents of it's Mac Museum! The store made an appearance in Sex in the City when Carrie Bradshaw needed her Mac repaired! There are reportedly 35 pieces in the collection with bids over $26,000!

5. WowWee CHiP...a dog without the responsibility! Want a pet, but have no interest in walking the dog, feeding the dog or cleaning up after one? Enter WowWee CHiP a robotic dog

6. The Human Family shot on iPhone.  I am a sucker for these Apple videos. I saw this one last week and loved it!

There you have this weeks tech news if you read something interesting this week feel free to share it with me!  Happy reading!    



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