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By: Jennifer Devitt on November 9th, 2011

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Happy 13th to the Syd of SYDCON!


Today I become the mother of a teenager girl. 13 years ago today Sydney or the SYD of SYDCON came into the world. So if you bear with me, this will be more of a personal, sentimental blog.

13 years ago on November 10, 1998, Sydney made her entry into the world and changed our lives forever. In typical Sydney fashion, she came into the world the hard way, making life difficult. You see she flipped to breach the day she was born & was backward! Yes, the girl who has grown into an amazing dancer somehow started out life backward! Because she was backward, she also gave me one of the many scars of motherhood, a c-section scar. That scar was worth it and is a badge of honor I wear proudly. That coupled with the stretch marks my kids so generously provided. I like to tell the kids these badges give me the right to make the rules, and say, "Because I said so!" I earned that much!

In 13 years we have watched Sydney grow into a beautiful (hey I am not just biased, check out that photo!), exceptionally smart (Straight A) student, an outstanding dancer, and an excellent artist. While she is confident and strong willed & stubborn, she is also timid at times...just try getting her to walk before she was a year and a half old, or ride a bike before she was ready, or go on roller coasters. But she is who she is and we couldn't be prouder. She is a hip/hop ballerina whose is also on her school's Pom Squad & they just placed 1st over the weekend!

I don't know how I will handle being the Mom of a stubborn teenage girl, but I do know from the experience of the first 13 years, she will give me more battle wounds to wear proudly. And, somehow I will make it through it (I have to, I have 2 other kids waiting to be teenagers too!). I may have more gray hairs to cover up, I may have many sleepless nights and I will certainly have senseless arguments and have to pick my battles. But down the line, I know I will get the pleasure of watching her grow into a beautiful, intelligent, confident, strong women who will not be bossed around! The teen years will require lots of visits to the salon to cover the gray's, lots of bottles of wine, plenty of margaritas, and hey probably even some strong shots every now and then too! But, I wouldn't change it for the world.

If you are the parent of a teen, what words of wisdom can you offer to help me survive? If you are about to be the parent of a teen, join in we can commiserate together! So, join me in wishing Sydney happy 13th Birthday!

Love Mom!