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By: Jennifer Devitt on July 8th, 2012

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Happy Birthday to the "Con" of SYDCON!


Happy 11th Birthday to the "Con" aka Connor of SYDCON. When we formed SYDCON, we named it by combining two of our children's names, Sydney and Connor (our third child, came along later... so no we didn't forget her or leave her out. LOL!) Connor is our middle child and the lone boy stuck between two sisters! Connor was born on July 9, 2001, weighing, wait for it ... 7lbs 9 oz (yes, 7.9 on 7/9) and a whopping 22 inches!

At 11 years old he is already an accomplished athlete, with a State (Blackhawk Cup) Hockey Championship title, and more 1st place trophies than should be allowed at his age. He started skating at 3 and a half years old and has been playing competitive travel hockey since he was 5. He has several hat tricks in hockey and much to my dismay isn't afraid to dive in front a puck. Connor also has had the honor of playing on United Center ice (where the Chicago Blackhawk's play) ice numerous times and once in between periods at a Blackhawks playoff game in front of a sold out crowd!

In addition to being a hockey player, Connor also plays travel baseball, he has been playing baseball since he was 4 and a half years old. As you can see in this picture he is one calm, composed pitcher on the mound and has struck out many a batter. He is so calm he is often called in when the bases are loaded and no outs to get his team out of the inning!

The ultimate boy, Connor never sits still, loves his Xbox, annoying his sisters, can trash talk with the best of them. He loves sports and is a diehard Yankees and Chicago Blackhawks fan. He is also a daredevil who loves his roller coasters and thrill rides and loves watching scary movies!

Connor can try this Mom's patience with his sarcasm and potty mouth, but overall is a great kid, outstanding teammate, and friend. He is a loyal, sensitive, compassionate kid who sticks up for his friends and loves his family. He has grown so much since his chubby faced toddler days when he could have been mistaken for Spanky from the Little Rascals. I know we will enjoy watching him succeed in many more things as he grows and continues to make us proud! We couldn't have asked for a better son! Happy Birthday, Connor!!