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By: Jennifer Devitt on August 26th, 2012

Happy Birthday to the "Inc." of SYDCON...Shannon!

This is the third installment of this series. As many of you know, the name SYDCON is a combination of our two oldest children's names, Sydney & Connor. No, we didn't forget that we have three kids, our youngest, Shannon just hadn't crashed our world yet when we named the company. So, our family joke is that Shannon is the Inc., in SYDCON Web Development, Inc. This post is for our little Inc., Happy 8th Birthday Shannon!

Shannon or as she is known at home "Banana" started out as the quietest baby on the planet but around the age of 9 months decided she wanted her presence known and has since been silly, loud, active, smart & sassy! When she was a toddler we used to apologize in advance when we arrived somewhere because inevitably she would cause a commotion, thankfully we don't have to do that anymore!

Shannon is a very active girl. For being a tiny girl, she is strong. When she played soccer she was the smallest on the team and a beast of a goalie very little got past her! She decided though that dance was her thing and now is a ballerina that just also started taking Jazz. She can do 100 cartwheels a day (self-taught) and is dying to do gymnastics! In addition to being incredibly active she is extremely intelligent (and no I am not just saying that because I am her Mom), she started being pulled out for gifted classes last year in reading & math. Shannon reads for hours and is known to read to us via "Face-time" when stalling at bedtime!

In 8 years Shannon has brought lots of laughter, trying moments, proud moments and love to our family! She is just starting to figure out things that she is naturally talented in and what she would like to do. We can't wait to see the path she chooses, and watch her continue to grow! Shannon was the best way to complete our family of 5! Happy Birthday, Shannon!

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