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By: Jennifer Devitt on November 26th, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! Let me share 88 Things I Love.

Happy Thanksgiving! How is it possible Thanksgiving is this week already? Man time is sure flying. Holiday posts are as much of a tradition around here as they are at other blogs. It's a tradition I enjoy. I like sharing some of us and learning about others by reading other holiday blog posts. I think these types of blogs help humanize the face behind the company.

In reading Thanksgiving blogs, I was inspired by my friend Gini Dietrich's post on SpinSucks yesterday, "The 82 Things I Love". She got the idea from Judy Dunns edition "Can You Name 99 Things You Love in 10 Minutes". It was a big hit on SpinSucks and I told Gini I was going to borrow it for this Thanksgivings blog edition. Before I start on my list, I would like to share our Thanksgiving traditions.

Thanksgiving we spend at my brother-in-law's house. He is a fabulous cook and really enjoys supplying the feast. I enjoy helping him in the kitchen and sharing a bottle of wine with him. Our kids enjoy accompanying him to deliver Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless. We enjoy driving past Best Buy and Target on our way home to see the lines of people outside the door in the cold (although with stores opening at 6 pm Thanksgiving, that tradition won't happen this year). We begin preparing our house for Christmas. We don't do Black Friday in-store shopping. We decorate our tree instead and have Chinese takeout for dinner.

Now, onto my list. I set a timer for 10 minutes, and I came up with 88 things. Without further adieu, here they are:

1. Dave Devitt
2. Sydney, Connor & Shannon Devitt
3. Zamboni the dog
4. Family
6. Disney World
7. The Beach
8. Purses
9. Shoes
10. The feeling after a great workout
11. True Blood
12. Sons of Anarchy
13. Sushi
14. Martini's
15. Hockey
16. Dance Recitals
17. My son pitching on the mound
18. My daughter carrying the basketball up the court
19. Marian Hossa
20. Chicago Blackhawks
21. True Religion Brand Jeans
22. Nike Free Runs
23. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
24. Alexander Skarsgaard
25. West Highland White Terriers
26. My son playing hockey
27. Shopping
28. My iPhone
29. My iPad Air
30. Online shopping
31. Flip Flops
32. Our home
33. The Beach
34. Margaritas
35. King Crab
36. Wine
37. Downton Abbey
38. Charlie Brown Christmas
39. Home Alone
40. Trashy Books
41. The feeling when my hair is freshly colored
42. Workout clothes
43. My Cadillac SRX
44. Sitting by the fire
45. Decorating for Christmas
46. The Nightmare Before Christmas/Jack Skellington
47. Baby pictures of my kids
48. Manicures/Pedicures
49. DVR's
50. Charlie Hunnam
51. Psychedelic Furs
52. Retro 80' Music
53. Baking
54. Healthy Food
55. Date night with Dave
56. Patrick Dempsey
57. The Ocean
58. Family Vacations
59. Family traditions
60. Zamboni curled up in my lap
61. Pandora Charms
62. Lounging in the sun
63. Walking barefoot in the sand
64. Flannel sheets in the winter
65. 80's movies
66. Game of Thrones
67. Watching my kids grow & thrive
68. Trading insults with Dave
69. Our Clients
70. Working with Dave and growing SYDCON
71. Christmas Ornaments
72. Hoodies
73. Holiday episodes of favorite shows.
74. Under Armour
75. Watching my daughter kill a hip hop routine
76. Lifting weights
77. Turbo Fire workouts with Chalene Johnson
78. My wedding ring
79. Ear plugs
80. Mexico
81. Starbucks
82. Bubble baths
83. Driving with the moon roof open & music blasting
84. My Blackhawks Hossa jersey
85. Skinny Popcorn
86. Peppermint Mocha
87. The movie Clueless
88. Zamboni fresh from the groomers

I hope you enjoyed my list and perhaps enjoyed learning something new about me. In closing, I would like to say how very Thankful SYDCON is for our clients, staff, family, friends, health and happiness. We have been blessed in 2013 and wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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