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By: Jennifer Devitt on February 9th, 2014

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Having a top selling app is not always a good thing?


What is it with the bird species and the iTunes store? First, it was "Angry Birds" that was a top seller, now in 2014 it's "Flappy Bird". Admittedly I was addicted to the original "Angry Birds". My kids got me to try "Flappy Bird" on SuperBowl Sunday. I only got to a whopping 6! Now mind you that took me many, many tries! Angry Birds at least required strategy and skill. Flappy Bird, not so much. But darn it if that game didn't get me annoyed enough when I couldn't pass 1 to keep hitting restart! My kids and their friends played through even though they were totally annoyed as well.

Well, it turns out that not only were the players annoyed but it made the developer crazy too. It rattled him so much that over the weekend he pulled the top seller from the app store, even though he was making $50,000 a day off a free app!!!! The developer stated, "I cannot take this!". The rumors are churning that the removal was due to legal issues. There are questions on how the game made it to a top seller so long after its original launch in May of 2013. Some believe there was activity that looked "bot like" to scam the app store. There also could be legal consequences for visibly coping Mario Brothers. My initial thought was how is he getting away with this? Those are Mario tubes and screens??

So, as of yesterday Flappy Bird is no longer available. Well, that opened the doors for a different market. There are auctions on eBay for iPhones with the Flappy Bird game installed with bids of $100,000. Seriously, people, I played the game, it is nowhere worth $100,000 +. If you have that kind of money to spend on a stuff perhaps you should consider donating to a charity or other worthy causes. I am sure programming focused non-profits like or would be open to a donation to possibly help a new programmer learn to code to create the next top selling app. Or, you could use that money to hire a developer to assist you to create your own app in the app store. Don't waste it on a free game that only requires you to keep a small bird from crashing into graphics that belong in another game.

Have you played Flappy Bird? What's your top score (without cheats)? I think our son was in the 80's and one of our developers close to 100. What do you think, why did Dong Nguyen remove the game? Are you looking to make quick cash by selling your phone if you have Flappy Bird installed on it? If you sell it, use your cash to develop the next top selling app.