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By: Jennifer Devitt on August 15th, 2010

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How equipped are you to handle your clients changing needs?


Let's face it, the current economy is changing the way most business' function. Many are re-assessing their plan of attack, changing how they focus their marketing and advertising campaigns. While also making sure they are positioning themselves for the now as well as setting themselves up for the business world recovery.

Your client's needs are changing, so, therefore, so are yours. If you run a Marketing, Design, Ad, PR or even social media agency you know that the way you promote your clients is moving in a new direction. Are you prepared to help them advance not only socially but technologically as well? Can you point them in the right direction of current web standards, or mobile apps? Even if that's not your strong suit or specialty you should still be able to offer guidance, assistance or maybe even a partner to help.

Are you uneasy when it comes to discussions that are not in your typical list of services offered, yet fall under a similar category? For instance are you a marketing firm that doesn't have a deep programming capability? Don't be hesitant to get in the ring, programmers, especially web and mobile programmers go hand in hand with marketing firms and the like. Don't feel as though suggesting a partner or business associate to help meet your client's needs is a sign of a weakness in your firm. Think of it as showing your strong suit, showing you understand how important all your clients' needs are and that you are there for them and will help them in any way you can. We believe it takes a strong, confident business to make effective partnerships or offer successful referrals. So next time you find yourself out of your realm or wanting to expand your services, reach out to your social network, or industry related firms to help conquer client needs. Face it, things just work better when we help each other!