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By: Jennifer Devitt on September 29th, 2013

How Your Business Can Take Advantage of Systems Integration

One of the more confusing elements I have had to try to understand and write about for SYDCON is Systems Integration. It is a complex idea, which is funny because the goal is simplification. But, as with most things that simplify, you have a lot of specification and trim work to do.

Systems Integration is when you take an outside source and utilize it through your website. A good example would be Quickbooks or other such accounting software that takes information from your site and automatically returns it through their API.

Using Quickbooks has many advantages for any website, specifically E-commerce websites: the website owner is able to feed orders into Quickbooks, they can generate purchase orders, track inventory, eliminate human errors through a responsive computing system, and manage customer information. All of this is automated by the API system, which means that you only have to do things once.

Enter Systems Integration. This is what made all of that data centralization possible. And because Quickbooks is leading you through all of these different aspects of account management, they make money. Pretty good business strategy, huh?

So how can you capitalize on an opportunity you've realized is in need in the marketplace? The first step is to create a website for your company where you can keep all of the outside information centralized. Next, you coordinate how the data will be shared between the two systems; for example, your website and the outside API. Then your web developer can integrate your system to include all of this information from the other API and your website will be fully capable of interacting with the outside system.

Systems Integration is a great way to provide easy data sharing for people visiting your website or you as the site administrator. If you have any questions regarding Systems Integration, we hope you will contact us. A free consultation, just a question - whatever you need, let us know.

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