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By: Jennifer Devitt on January 25th, 2016

I found a new app genre I love to use to clear my head and get creative. Guess what it is?

We have reviewed apps here in the past. They can range from fun and silly to productivity to "can you believe there is an app for that"?  Here at SYDCON, we are all about trying the latest technology, fooling around with apps for fun and finding new apps that make life easier.

Well, today, let's talk about a new genre of apps we have been exploring, shall we? This genre will clear your mind, reduce stress, increase creativity and it's just plain fun. What could this be? Coloring! Yep, you heard me coloring!

Adult coloring books have been on the rise in popularity since 2012 per CNN. I have heard rumblings about them but honestly never gave it much thought. But then, enter coloring on an iPad! Let me tell you this is an entirely different ball game.  I have only tried it on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. But they do work on iPhones and other versions of iPad just with a stylus.  Below are a few coloring apps for you to try out.

1. Momi Coloring

2. Colorfly

3. Colorme

4. Color Therapy

5. Adult Coloring Book

Now, that is not just to say this is only for adults. Clearly, kids could enjoy the fine art of coloring on a tablet has well. But in the fast-paced age of technology in the workplace, sometimes your brain needs a break to function prior to your next meeting. When that happens, take a few minutes and unwind with some strokes of a pencil and let your creativity run wild. Feel like a 5-year-old again and color something!

Have you tried any adult coloring books on a tablet? So far, I finished 1 piece, a floral reindeer. It takes adjusting to the different pressure levels, saturation, etc but I will tell you the time just flew by and I wasn't even annoyed that Dave was listening to politics again! So, next time you are feeling the pressure at work, or the kids are making you nuts, or you have time on your daily train commute give coloring a whirl.      



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