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By: Jennifer Devitt on June 7th, 2016

Instagram changes, laundry goes tech, We're Hiring and Apple Music as explained by DJ Khaled in this weeks tech news.

It's summertime and sometimes that means a slow down in newsworthy articles and blogs. But alas, I have come thru with some tech news for you this week! Let's take a look at what I came across, shall we?

1. Instagram enables iOS sharing. Instagram has a new update that allows you to post to your feed faster. Actually,  you can do it right through other iOS apps!

2. A machine that folds laundry. Ok, seriously I need one of these - well let's face it who wouldn't want one? I know all of my Mom friends would kill for one. Check out the FoldiMate.

3. Instagram official feed change. Well, we've heard the rumors, been warned about it, and some like Dave even already have it but the algorithm Instagram change is coming!

4. We're hiring.  Want to work with a top-notch team of custom software developers? How about also having Monday breakfast, Friday lunch, a casual environment where we play darts, goof around with virtual reality on Google Cardboard and talk Game of Thrones? If this interests you or sounds perfect for someone you know, have them contact me ASAP!

5. DJ Khaled on Apple Music. In another fun, Apple Music ad, DJ Khaled and Ray Liotta are at a nail salon. DJ Khaled is trying to sell the service to the famous mobster!

So, there is some tech news I scrounged up this week. What have you been reading? Anything new and interesting share it with me.



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