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By: Jennifer Devitt on July 5th, 2016

iOS 10 Beta 2, smart home devices, AI to help blindness, organ donation and computer journalists in this weeks tech news.

It's a short week, so it's already Wednesday, whose ready for some tech news? Just because it is a holiday week, doesn't mean I have a shortage of news to share. Let's see what I have this week, shall we?

1. Apple makes iOS 10 Beta 2 available to developers. Yesterday, Apple made the iOS 10 Beta 2 available to developers.  Our teenage son loves sharing in this perk! Yesterday he got to try out Apples new learn to code iPad program, Swift Playgrounds and so far it has held his attention!

2. The best smart home devices. From door locks to camera doorbells and thermostats, here is a list of some of the best smart devices on the market.

3. Google acquires AI group to help with detecting blindness. Moorfields Hospital is working with a Google acquired AI research lab called DeepMind. The hospital is using its algorithms to determine if AI can help with early diagnosis of eye disease to prevent future loss of eye sight.

4. iOS 10 makes registering as an organ donor easy. By utilizing the Health App and selecting the Medical ID section, users can connect to the National Donate Life Registry and register as an organ donor.

5. A reader of minor league baseball news? A computer may be your new journalist. Computer generated news is on the rise. We have been following a computer-generated sports news program for youth baseball for a few years now, called Game Changer. Minor League Baseball now has a contract with The Associated Press to generate stories based off of game data. A program by Automated Insights will be used data supplied by Minor League Baseball Advanced Media to turn game data into stories.

So, there is this weeks tech news. Have you read about any new awesome advancements in tech? Feel free to share them with me.  Happy reading!  



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