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By: Jennifer Devitt on July 8th, 2014

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iPhone 6 rumors are ramping up. What's on your wish list for new features?


It's summer time so that inevitably means the rumors are flying about what the next iPhone release will bring us. When is it scheduled to be released? Will it have a larger screen? Will it be faster or indestructible? There is always a multitude of pics floating around on social media and in tech news. All claiming "leaked photo of the next iPhone". Sure it's fun to read these rumors and wonder if they are true, debate if they will be useful or won't even matter to users. As we all know by now, Apple will never comment on rumors. Heck, they don't even give us teasers. But, that doesn't stop the Apple lovers from speculation and rumor mill fun!

The newest and most popular rumor the last few days is that the new iPhone screen will be "virtually indestructible". Now, for me, as the mother of two teenagers with iPhones, this would be fabulous!! The pic above is what our son's iPhone 5C looked like last week. You see, he is an extremely active kid. So, he was playing basketball, phone in pocket (I know, I discourage this). Basketball hits his pocket and phone falls out and lands on court and bam....shattered screen! So, he used birthday money to fix the screen. Now, mind you this is not the first scattered screen we have had. Last year our daughter dropped hers and shattered her iPhone 4 screen. Now, my kids are generally responsible with things (which is why they have iPhones in the first place), but alas they are kids and accidents do happen. Heck, Dave and I drop ours too, and so far have been lucky (knock on wood). Our son decided to play it safe and purchase himself an Otterbox and I have him convinced for now to not play pickup basketball or whiffle ball with iPhone in his Under Armour shorts pocket.

Anyway, so I think the latest rumor about the screen is great. Typically what comes out for the next iPhone finds its way to the next iPad. I for one would love to see both the iPhone and iPad have screens that I could read in the sun! I started out as a Kindle users and switched to the iPad a few years ago due to added functionality I required. The one thing I miss and that I cannot fathom why Apple hasn't fixed is reading outside in sunlight! I just spent the week at the beach and had several books to read while lounging by the ocean. I just wish I could do it without constantly re-adjusting in the shade. I wish I could utilize favorite apps without having to duck under some shade to read the screen. It floors me that Apple lets Amazon trump them on this level.

So, shatter-proof screen and reading in sunlight are my two main wishes for the next generation Apple products. What is on your wish list? Is there a feature that would make your life easier? A functionality that you would just love to have? Who knows, maybe Apple will listen to customer feedback and incorporate some of your ideas! Or, maybe you have the next great app idea, talk to an Apple developer today about making it a reality!