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By: Jennifer Devitt on August 2nd, 2009

Is Monthly Fee Web Software Cost Effective?

So, more and more I am seeing monthly fee "web software" out there. Are these tools really so useful that they are worth a never-ending monthly fee to use? Do you think you can customize them for that steep monthly fee? Maybe--but doubtful. Is maybe worth a monthly fee that translates to hundreds or thousands of dollars over the course of its use? Probably not!

There are all kinds of software titles available, from actual website creation software to software that adds customer reviews to your site. And rest assured, these one-of-a-kind problem solver applications don't come cheap! We just heard of one today (that shall remain nameless) that starts at $80 per month....PER MONTH! That's $960 a year...for 1 year! This is software to add reviews and/or testimonials to your website.

Part of what we here at SYDCON have to offer that falls under the term "Custom Development", is that we can make additions to your current site, add functions, create custom applications that may not even be been seen by your customers. Applications that make your daily business life easier and more cost effective....and, we won't charge you a monthly fee to do it either! Want to add customer reviews or customer testimonials to your site? Well, it won't cost you $80 a month indefinitely to do that with us!

Another aspect of the custom difference you find here at SYDCON versus monthly fee applications is that you are probably limited in how it looks and what fields are available, etc. Not with us! When you ask SYDCON to add functionality to your site, you get what works for you, you can name your fields, have varying fields based on your business and only your business. You get what you need not what somebody else decided they think you need to help your company, then mass produces it and sells it to every other firm interested for $X a month. We create it your way, give you a fixed price and once it's done it's done, and you will probably be surprised to see that it will be at a fraction of the cost of these boxed type solutions.

So, in a nutshell, if you need a custom application, whether it be to showcase your business by way of reviews. Or maybe you need an application to make your business run smoother, contact us and ask us how we can make it easier and more cost effective for you! Best of all...we have references to back it up!

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