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By: Jennifer Devitt on June 21st, 2015

Is the Apple Watch geared more towards male consumers?

We have discussed the Apple Watch here on the blog several times. We have discussed it during the anticipation phase while waiting for launch, and we have discussed it as great gift ideas for grads and Dads. Dave did end up getting one, though he was not one of the initial orders on launch day. He wanted to go into a store and see it first hand prior to purchase.

Dave decided on a Sports edition, mainly because it is the first edition and he wanted to see how it progressed in functionality. At the time he ordered his, I had really no interest in one for myself. I have a staple "fashion" watch I love and I also have a Fitbit Charge HR. Well, Dave is in enjoying his Apple Watch, and lately, I am having some frustrations with my Fitbit Charge HR (be on the lookout for a follow-up to my initial review). Dave told me to consider an Apple Watch.

Well, I took some time and looked into them via the Apple site. What I found was, this. I thought they were very masculine. Sure, the sports band would be ideal when I run or workout, but outside of that, if I had a work function, or was going out I wouldn't want it on. Which is the same feeling I have for my Fitbit? We recently went to a wedding and that black sports band was promptly removed. Fitbit does offer fashionable covers made by Tory Burch for other models but not yet for the Charge HR. I cannot justify spending $350 plus on a watch, I would only wear during fitness or with my most casual attire.

Here are my issues with the Apple Watch from a fashionable, trendy, , executive woman's standpoint. It looks like a man's watch, period. Sure in the sports edition they offer it in pink and lime green. But, that does not appeal to me. I wouldn't even consider it as a running activity tracker in one of those colors. That may appeal to tee but doesn't work for me. Feminine doesn't mean it has to be pink or rose gold.  Anything that I considered fashionable, or could wear to meetings our evenings out, or anytime I wasn't working out fell in the "Apple Watch Edition" category. And I am sorry I am not in the market for a $17,000 watch, let alone one that is a first edition which will surely experience growing pains, and changes quickly. It appears that the fashion world agrees, as discussed in the article "Fashion world reacts to Apple Watch: I'll stick to my Rolex".

I have a small wrist, so I would defiantly go with a 38 MM. Don't misunderstand, my "fashion" watch is a large faced piece, so I am non-looking for tiny. But I think what Apple needs to do is explore more fashionable bands outside of hot pink flexible bands or the extreme version of a rose gold that takes the price up thousands of dollars. Even in the mid-range "Watch" range, the options for women would be white, pink or a brown. Which, coincidentally on the brown band the watch face features a flower. Perhaps to attract women? In my opinion, all others look like men's watches. Apple needs to follow the lead of other wearables that target both men and women, as can be seen here. In addition to Fitbit, Jawbone also offers more fashionable wearable tech options, as does Misfit who offers a stylish, solar powered Swarovski Crystal activity tracker in a more modest price range starting at $169 and is available for pre-order and shipping in July.

So, for now, I think I will wait for the next model release of the watch and hope that they come out with more stylish, women friendly bands. How about any women executives or fashionista's out there? Have you purchased one? As a business development executive for a development company that develops apps for Apple products, I would like to experience the watch and have first-hand knowledge when discussing development options with clients, but I feel as though it just is not for me at this time.

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