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By: Jennifer Devitt on January 5th, 2016

It's CES time, 5 gadgets and gizmos I find intriguing from sneak peaks of the show.

Walt Disney's "Little Mermaid" It's January, so chances are if you know a tech or gadget enthusiasts they are going gaga because this week is the CES (Consumer Electronics Show). The CES, brought to you by the Consumer Technology Association is an annual event where new gadgets and gizmos are shown off to the ooh's and ah's for tech lovers everywhere. As Ariel sang in the Little Mermaid they've got "gadgets and gizmos aplenty".

The CES floor opens today in Las Vegas, but hype and sneak peaks already have the tech world giddy. Some companies roll out press releases to drum up hype on new products prior to the show opening. As always, there are many futuristic items showcased and this year is no different. From cars to virtual reality and more.

As a technology firm, we follow the news from this show and all of us here at SYDCON have varying ideas on what we find exciting. With the show just officially opening today, I obviously will find about lots of fun and intriguing things this week, but below are 5 items I have already read about and found to be interesting.

1. OMbra. OMsignal is introducing its smart bra "OMbra".  The smart apparel company is launching the bra in the spring of this year for $150. The bra will measure biometrics to and communicate with the corresponding app on your smart phone to help you track your workouts and daily activities.

2. Travel Apple Watch charger. Griffin corporation is showcasing its Travel Power Bank for the Apple Watch. It is anticipated to be available in the spring of 2016 for a retail price of $69.99. The charger is small enough to be attached to your key chain.

3. Think & learn Code-a-pillar. Created by Fisher Price, the interactive toy geared towards 3-year-olds helps teach the basics of coding to children. The caterpillar comes with 8 different segments that can be attached in any way the child chooses. Each segment offers a different command to the caterpillar, like movement or sound. While no actual coding is required, the basic concepts are present. The toy is expected in the fall with a retail price of $49.99.

4. App enabled pregnancy test. First Response has created a pregnancy test that communicates with a corresponding app. The First Response Pregnancy PRO Digital Pregnancy Test can offer test results, education information, fertility tracking, due date estimators and more. The new digital test will be available this year with a retail price range of $14.99 to $21.99

5. Smatwheel. The steering wheel cover, created by 20-year-old T. J. Evarts after seeing how distracted his friends were by their smartphones while driving. Smartwheel can be placed over a cars steering wheel in minutes. The device alerts drivers to distracted driving habits and communicates with a corresponding app to help track driving habits. Parents can monitor teen drives habits by way of the app. The Smartwheel will be available this year and retail at $199.00.

These five items stood out to me as promising items that serve a purpose and can benefit users without being too futuristic to actually take off. I am looking forward to seeing what other devices, gadgets, and technology are showcased this week at the CES. Is there something you have heard about from the show that you are excited about or think is the next hot thing? Or, perhaps you have an item in the show you would like us to discuss. Feel free to share it with me. I love learning about new technology and gadgets and sharing information.



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