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By: Jennifer Devitt on February 21st, 2016

It's Monday, here is a round up of a few tech news items that caught my eye.

It's Monday. Man sometimes those weekends just fly by. Doesn't it always feel like it's Monday again? Tech news has kind of been all over the place the last week. But a major focus has been of course on Apple vs. the FBI. Sometimes when one topic dominates the news it's hard to get around it and find new news to learn from, or discuss. For this Monday, I thought why not try something a bit different? So, for today let's take a look at few of the top tech news stories from the past few days, shall we?

1. Mom uses "Find my iPhone" to find her daughter. I immediately shared this article with our teenagers when I read it. This is one of the reasons our entire family has this little app installed and enabled on all of our devices. Not just to track a missing device, but God forbid, maybe track a missing person. For this family, the app may have just saved a life.

2. Why we need to encourage girls to code. Yes, I know this topic is in the news almost daily. But, this article had some great statistics. For instance, by 2020 there will be 1.4 million computer-related jobs available. But, guess what? Women are only on track to fill 3 percent of them. Let's encourage girls and women to pursue STEM.

3. Where will the state of IT be in 3 years? Cloud, mobile, hiring good talent, IoT and DevOps. The key item for us is "DevOps". Per the article and based on client trends we have seen first hand, "more companies are creating their own software instead of purchasing it from third-party vendors".  In our experience, this is not just being done with onsite teams, but custom teams like our group here at SYDCON are helping companies daily create their own software solutions.

4. Apple vs. The FBI. Well, there is not just one key article to reference here. I feel that Apple has a few key things to read, Tim Cook's open letter to customers and the new web page they have deployed. You can find plenty of legal descriptions of the key legal facts of the case and the key development that the passcode on the said iPhone in question was reset after the FBI had it in its possession. Many security analysts have outlined several different ways creating a back door so to speak with be dangerous and open up the door for all software developers to have to possibly create custom malware or backdoors to phones and computers. Everyone has an opinion on the Apple case. Heck, even Mr. Trump is calling for a boycott of Apple (albeit he did this while tweeting from his iPhone). I think this is an important topic we should all take the time to read up on and understand. As Apple and other security experts have stated unlocking this phone would not be done with a one-time single-use key. And, what precedent would it be setting for future software and/or hardware manipulation? The heart of this story can be tied to any tech job or any industry. In an age where business and civilians are dependent on technology, our main concern is clear in the last few years, that it be secure.

Have you read any good tech news in the last few days that you would like to share? Perhaps you learned about a new app, or some great new software, etc. I am always interested in new developments, feel free to share with me. Now, go take Monday by the horns and have a great week!



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