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By: Jennifer Devitt on December 1st, 2010

Jingle Bells, Batman Smells...

Typically our blog focuses on all things web, mobile, and programming related. Being the holiday season, a time for sharing and reflection on the year we would like to take the time to share and be grateful. It is December 1st, and listening to the Barenaked Ladies version of Jingle Bells (if you haven't heard it, you simply MUST...but be sure to listen to the whole song!), has put me in a festive mood!

As some of you know, SYDCON is a small team, founded by a husband & wife, with a wonderful team of individuals that help us grow each and every day! When we started SYDCON it started out as a hobby. Dave likes to say it was gas money...then an extra vacation...then to what we do full-time to support our family! Starting out all on our own, with no investors, we are proud to say we've come a long way and can fully embrace the saying "It's a Wonderful Life!" We can appreciate George Bailey's hardworking outlook. SYDCON is located in suburban Crystal Lake, our own version of Bedford Falls!

If we are honored to have you as a Twitter follower, you may have heard us mention our family. As parents of 3 young kids, Christmas is obviously an enjoyable as well as memorable time for us. So, if you'll indulge us, we have a little to say about them! You may or may not know that our name, "SYDCON" is born from combining the names of our two oldest, Sydney & Connor. SYDCON was founded before our youngest was born, so as we like to say, Shannon is the "Inc.". Like the Bailey family, from It's a Wonderful Life our business is not only run by a family, it revolves around family. The way we see it, our kids are our Angel Investors and we answer to them!

When we are not at work, our time is consumed by our kids. It's filled with a crazy amount of hockey, dance classes, and recitals, SYDCON sponsored little league baseball (Dave thinks he's George Steinbrenner), soccer, and of course some Disney time too!

During the holidays, we all often find ourselves reflecting on the year, its ups and downs, joys and sorrows. For us here at SYDCON, we can't help but appreciate all of our clients, old and new, we wouldn't be here without you! We have met so many wonderful people through our business, as clients, as well as in social communities and we are thankful for our connection to all of you as well.

As I am putting this together, snow is softly falling outside my window, making this December 1st bring out the festive feelings. We would like to take this time to wish you and yours a wonderful holiday and happy and prosperous 2011!

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