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By: Jennifer Devitt on August 4th, 2015

Learn how coding can be your tool by discovering the "Made with Code" program.

 Today, I would like to focus the blog on a program I sadly just heard of. It is called "Made with Code". Made with Code is a program geared towards encouraging girls and women to code. Simple as that. By taking mentors in varying fields and industries this wonderful initiative offers some interesting and mind-blowing insights into what can be done with code.

I stumbled about Made with Code while reading about how is using Disney's Frozen characters to encourage girl (and boys) to code. Within a few minutes on the Made with Code website, I was hooked. Watch Made with Code's film here on their youtube channel. As I was immersed in the site, I immediately wanted to share it with all three of my children (not just the girls).  Two of my three children are interested in technology and coding. My oldest daughter is not. Today, I want to sit with her and explore all the different mentor's videos on the site. Our daughter is a dancer, I want to introduce her to Miral Kotb of iLuminateDance. Miral is a dancer and a coder and she channeled both of her passions to create stunning, visual dance experiences. Miral discusses that when she works with celebrities and they find how she can code "they immediately respect her".

I also would like to introduce our kids to Maddy Maxy at TheCrated she is using technology and coding to create the fashion of the future. She believes that fashion in the future will work with our bodies, help to cool and warm them among many other things. Then there is Erica Kochi, who works in innovation at UNICEF, who said "code is the tool to help you build the world you want to see".  Or there is 19 year old Brittany Wenger who is a student at Duke University who is using code to fight cancer!

If you visit the Made with Code mentor page, you will find 11 inspiring videos. These videos showcase girls and women from varying backgrounds and of different ethnicities in 11 different fields all using code! They are showing not only girls, but anyone in any field that the possibilities are endless when you use code. What these mentors show is that coding is not just about video games. There are mentors who are interested in fashion, dance, music, health care, the environment, lighting and animation, games and robots. What many of these mentors mention is that math is not their favorite subject, maybe not even science. However, whatever path or arena they were interested in, they found a way to bring it to life by utilizing code.

Take some time to go through this site and watch the videos, if you are not inspired and moved, I will be shocked. I have said here before, I am not a coder. At times I think about learning, not to help ease our coders work load but to bring different ideas to the table just by understanding. In watching these videos it inspires me to learn to further our business, not by my coding abilities and helping with projects, but to see the possibilities even more broadly then I do now. You see, I believe that coding can make almost anything better, even if I cannot currently code one line.

Share this site with kids you know. Encourage them to visit the projects page and try somethings out. Show our children that they can make a impact on the world by pursuing something they are passionate about and bringing it to life with code.  Google is a proud supporter of Made with Code, in 2014 they pledged 50 million dollars to the program.  Here at SYDCON, our philosophy has always been "We make your creative work for you".  We have always subscribed to Walt Disney's mantra "If you can dream it, you can do it, you know".  Technology today is making that mantra more a reality for people all around the world. Take the time to see what code can do for you. Think about the possibilities of where it can take your business, how it can shape the future for your children, how it can cure illness and make the world a better place. As Made with Code says "the things you love are made with code".

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