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By: Jennifer Devitt on September 8th, 2013

So What Now? Life after Technical Writing

You've gotten a chance to see a bit of my personal evolution in terms of my career path. I'm finding talents at a new company while helping them expand their business. It's a rare opportunity to be able to help a small business improve its online representation, and it's pretty rewarding. Just getting information such as increased page views or blog comments (I have yet to get a comment, you could be the first) makes me feel like the impact of my personal work is being felt, something I haven't really gotten with other positions at larger corporate-driven companies.

But what comes next after being a technical writer or after a contract runs out? In order to be the best technical writer or copy writer that you possibly can, you need to master writing with Search Engine Optimization, advanced analytics, and blogging in programs such as WordPress. Technical writers often progress into the fields of business analytics or proposal writing, or else they can freelance and become their own boss while maintaining individual contracts with outside businesses.

So what about me? I'll enjoy working at SYDCON for as long as they need me. They have given me a chance to start working in a field that directly applies my talents and I am appreciative of that. I will most likely continue doing technical writing such as this, but there are elements to the job that apply to other areas as well.

As I have said in past articles, a lot of the work I do requires that I gain a better understanding of specific technological elements. Because of this, I need to gather an idea in my head and then ask questions to gain information according to where I see the piece going. This kind of reporting could prove useful in the journalism field, which isn't dying but changing direction. I also take current material on our site and edit/rewrite it as well as edit blog posts written by our other writer and our head of marketing, Jennifer. Editing is a more likely next step for me, as I enjoy taking written works and making them better.

In reality, I have more time as a copy writer or technical writer ahead of me before I can imagine getting a promotion, or even guaranteed full-time work that isn't contracted. I will always have my personal dream of being a self-sufficient novelist, a dream that is seeing the final steps before my first novel is (hopefully) published. Yet seeing as how there are few writers able to make a living off their craft, I will most likely always have a day job. I have also entertained notions of going back to school and getting my master's or PhD and teaching writing at the college level. I have a lot of life left, and it's exciting to know that my employment journey is just beginning. As long as I am writing, I will be happy.

Thanks for following my first ever blog series. It was a little bit like writing a story; I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better. Keep in touch for more. I'll be following the series up with some technical work. Have to keep pushing myself!

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