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By: Jennifer Devitt on December 13th, 2011

Make a difference this holiday, get a BlueKey

Tis the season as the saying goes. This season take a minute if you will to think of others. This season, consider spending $5 to purchase a BlueKey to help 43.7 million people forcibly displaced worldwide. This season do something to make a difference. Many of you I am sure recall the song "Do They Know it's Christmas" by Band Aid. If you don't or it's been a while, go have a listen while you continue to read.

"No one chooses to be a refugee, forced from home, family and everything they have ever known. Yet 43.7 million people around the world - nearly the combined populations of Colombia or South Korea, or of Scandinavia and Sri Lanka combined—find themselves in this exact position. Everyday doors have been closed to them.

In December 2011, UNHCR will commemorate 60 years of working to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees and internally displaced people. Our goal is for 6,000 U.S. residents - thoughtful, caring people like you — to get a Blue Key. By doing so, you'll tell the millions of refugees worldwide that they're not invisible, and our staff that their live-saving work does not go unnoticed. If you'd like to do more to support our cause, we'd love to have you."

I made a pledge to become a BlueKey Champion and help spread the word, and I am urging you to join me and do the same. I am doing this to show our children that there is a very different alternative to the life they are fortunate to live. I am doing this to show them that there are people in need and we are going to do what we can to help them.

Last year, at Thanksgiving, my brother-in-law Don (who always cooks enough to feed an army) packed up some food and he and Dave took our two older children out for a ride. See my brother-in-law lives in the city of Chicago, and not far from him, he has homeless people who live under the viaduct. My kids got to see first hand how they live and were touched when they saw their Dad give them the food they so desperately needed. So touched in fact, that our oldest daughter, Sydney urged no one to take home the leftovers since there were others who needed them. This year at Thanksgiving the kids asked repeatedly were they going to go with their Dad & Uncle Don to do the same? Turns out, Uncle Don had done so earlier in the day prior to our arrival, and the kids didn't go with, but they were more than pleased to know he had done so.

This year, we were walking around downtown and there was a young mother and her two children huddled under a pedestrian safety walkway cover, looking for food or whatever you could spare. It was cold, and my children inquired why were they sitting huddled down there. They took notice, but still needed a chat to drive home the very real facts before them. So, I purchased my BlueKey to show a symbol to make them ask, "Mom, what is that?", to make them aware whenever we can.

If you can take a moment, and spare that $5, please visit The BlueKey campaign and make a difference today. Make it a great stocking stuffer or ornament for your tree, give it as a gift to help spread the word. We can be like Band Aid and help feed the world!


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